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  1. @Xonar @Klem you guys look like experienced folks, can you tell me, what exactly is this changing for GX740? I've compared by mine unlocked BIOS and except watermarks from Xonar I have same stuff unlocke, still don't see any interesting options I could change. The second post doesn't show that kind of options for my GX740. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  2. Afterburner won't work for that?
  3. @Michael_K other question, do you maybe know something about like: 'granulation artifacts' moving pixels (mostly visible on grey images) Long time ago (years ago) I read some topic about it but currently I'm not able to find it. And for my VBIOS I currently use the one from GX660 (I don't remember why but when i've obtained it years ago there was some talk that latest for GX740 _31 ver was bad for OC) - maybe you know something.
  4. @Michael_K I appreciate you replied, thanks! I'm now reading then I will edit right you basically wrote everything I did hah :), I use setfsb, I lower some values in vbios, and as you said, yep probably investing more into this old laptop is not worth unfortunately. Btw unocked BIOS (not vbios) I'ts not giving me too much options, I'm not sure if you are familiar and also have it. I also agree about setfsb, exactly same values! 160 is max. Overclocking LCD panel is nice right I can also handle 100Hz (CRU utility right). I don't have pic of panel, but it's front left frame, and also something weird on back :(. I'll gues I did even too much to OC this old laptop :). I think soon I need to again change thermal pads, because it's getting hot as hell, currently I swapped thermalpads under gpu for thermal paste (lol) it was working far better for like 2 years.
  5. Hi, I own gx740 with i5-430m, 4GB RAM, and I planned to do some upgrades. Currently I did: - upgrade SSD, move HDD to dvd drive space - have some unlocked bios (but didn't found usage for it currently) - have modified vbios but not sure if the values I've used are good I was thinking about: - upgrading CPU to i7-640M - upgrading RAM (not sure which will fit) I would like to also: - fix broken/cracked frame around screen, but it wont be easy and cheap I guess? - replace screen to something brighter (?) but this will probably not be worth the cost 1) What do you guys think about it? Is it even worth? 2) I've also see something like 'grain effect' moving grey stripes on same page elements (long time I remember it could be related to faulty bios/vbios)?
  6. Hi, will there be any differences between this bios and my unlocked one for GX74 (used AMIBCP)?
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