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  1. kickbutthero

    The proof that HP is not a reliable computer brand

    I personally seen this! My uncle purchased a laptop , hp, dvxxx ! His screen went black , brand new from Costco !!!
  2. kickbutthero

    Rate my video intro!

    Lololol sorry but for some reason it reminds me of those older VHS pornos. Maybe I watched to many back in the day, Lmao! But looks professional and of quality and time. I was just waiting on the slow pan out to high heels and legs .
  3. kickbutthero

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Can't remember the name but it was the Bengahzi movie. It wasn't anything special but did show the narrative of what happened! It was more Of a documentary than it was a movie. Not that they had interviews or commentary but a scenario that the scenes were written for the story and not for the screen audience!
  4. kickbutthero

    $100 off Eurocom NVIDIA GTX 980M Upgrade Kit

    Awesome Brian!!! Now where's my promotion ?? lol
  5. kickbutthero

    Army simulation games

    There is a game from 2005 that a small community are still playing called AMERICAS ARMY!! Please join the community by downloading "America's Army Assist2.5" https://sourceforge.net/projects/aa25assist/ there is a new version of the game called Americas Army Proving Grounds but it is like the COD games and unlike the original which is more of a sim than a game! Also I hope it is not against the rules to post links! But come join or try this game, most played maps are Hospitol SE & Pipeline SF!
  6. kickbutthero

    What is your favorite tv-shows?

    Tv is really bad!!! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY subliminal messages! With that, I watch the news sometimes briefly but I watched full series of Breaking Bad & Walking Dead! I want to see the breaking bad spin off with the lawyer Sal. I think It will be good enough to watch through.
  7. kickbutthero

    new to here

    Hello. Looks like we could all use a promotion !! Lol
  8. kickbutthero

    What do you think about Videgames Industry right now?

    Yes recycled stuff. Yes money grabbing DLC has ruined it, devs throw out anything and than make you redownload the entire game after all the patches. Games like Zelda and FF were good ten years ago.
  9. Oh excuse me I misread. That isn't very much of an upgrade is it ?
  10. kickbutthero

    NSA MSI backdoors

  11. kickbutthero

    $100 off Eurocom NVIDIA GTX 980M Upgrade Kit

    While reading this article on the main page, I cannot find a where to leave comments! I had to find it in the forums to post comment! Are most new stories unable to be commented on from the main screen? Anyways, this card is very nice and makes the ps4 & Xbox one even more dated! I am happy my laptop is s fully upgraded able! Errr I think this site has a problem with iphone ! It is very iratating replying from my iphone . The cursor jumps everywhere in the text box!
  12. kickbutthero

    Overclock my CPU before upgrade

    It says on the main MSI post that these have already been put onto forums by other users! Just search I am sure you will find them.
  13. kickbutthero

    NSA MSI backdoors

    I was wondering if these MSI laptop systems are anymore secure than other brands? what do you all think?
  14. kickbutthero

    Unlock TDP/TDC

    Im not sure. In reference I've never seen a GT70 locked at those numbers! I would contact support asap!
  15. kickbutthero

    MSI GT70 MXM Card

    im looking to buy an gtx 9xxm whenever somebody upgrades, PM me please!!

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