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  1. I don't understand why you are changing the vbios. Are you changing the intel cpu vbios or switching a nvidia 680 into an 880 bios. You cant swap Vbios like that. It is programmed for that particular chip architecture and memory. Its not physical, its a completely different programming. Either way you shouldn't have to touch the Vbios at all. Have you tried starting the laptop with the 880 in it and left it to run for a minute, hard restart, and try to boot again. The system uefi bios probably is still using the stored 680 bios and trying to boot from it. If the system fails to boot several times it will usually detect an error and then do a complete refresh of the system hardware detection and configuration. You can enable this in the system bios too, by switching the system to legacy boot (i forget the actual name) but I think it has CSM in it. (The Compatibility Support Module (CSM) is a component of the UEFI firmware that provides legacy BIOS compatibility by emulating a BIOS)
  2. Glad to hear its turning out well. I love this machine but unfortunately My G46VW screen has all sorts of vertical lines after being dropped (sniffle) so I ordered a GS46VW. RIP! As nice as the MSI laptop is, the ASUS was a work of engineering art. I wish it continued. I really despise these current thin "gaming" laptops. They just don't have the cooling power. The MSI is good but I'm afraid to overclock it with the amount of heat it generates. Memory Overclocking is change by... in the "Chipset" menu under "Memory configuration". You have to choose "Dimm Profile [Custom Profile]" then change the "memory frequency limiter" to whatever you think will work. I was able to get 1866mhz running using Corsair vengeance RAM.
  3. Are you on the latest updated bios from ASUS 210? Are you trying to flash from windows, dos, or within the bios?
  4. I do still have/use my G46VW but nothing has changed according to the bios. I seem to have hit a wall. The ME firmware can be changed and updated but there is a region of the ME Firmware, where the settings are, which is read only. It has a lock on it that nobody can figure out (good job Asus). I have tried flashing an 8MB version, Shorting the audio chip pin unlock, doing a shorting pin clear cmos, to no avail. I located the ME Firmware settings region and was able to change and save the bios file but the new settings refuse to flash to the eprom. There are rumors of one guy doing it accidentally but I could not redo his "accident". Also another guy said he was able to flash his but he used an eprom programmer which involves desoldering and soldering the bios chip. Even though the settings are available, like the fan speed control, it does not mean they actually work. Sorry I have not figured out how to reduce the noise. My goal was to unlock as much as possible, some settings just don't change the system and some settings will permanently crash the system. I learned this while going to low with the memory timings and got black screen of death. I had to order a new bios chip to solder to my motherboard to get it running again. Hey, I don't remember if I ever got back to you, but I just tried the download link and it should be working.
  5. The same is for the G46VW. I tried all combinations and the JRST2002/2001 and had the same results as you. I ended up ordering a programmed bios chip and then had to desolder the old chip and solder the new chip on. All worked again after that.
  6. I realize this is an old post but here is a link to a Modded BIOS for the G46VW that has a modded VBIOS for the 660m that does enable the voltage to be changed up to 1.20V
  7. Brian, Awesome! You are a scholar and a gentleman! Klem, Thanks for trying. Have you had any ASUS specific laptops where the ME Flash without programmer has worked? I wish ASUS made their "ROG" laptops like their ROG motherboards, modder friendly. Holds fist to sky yelling for the universe to hear "Khan...oh um.....ASUS!!!"
  8. Klem, I have tried on stock BIOS as well. What happens is... Me FW image reflash enable.. Save and restart in BIOS... System attempts to start, black screen, power button light turns on... Several seconds later system turns off... Retry to turn system on and samething repeats. After several tries off powering on system it eventually does a hard boot (similar to when I added the ssd and new RAM the system seemed to be reconfiguring tself because it took slightly longer to boot) and works again. Fptw64 does not work because ME is read/write protected. Arise, Here is a link to Doink's write-up for enabling the chipset menu.
  9. Klem, The "Me FW Image Re-Flash" causes black screen. After numerous attempts to start system it eventually reset defaults and booted again. I lack a programmer but Jacobson from another thread on this forum managed to get the 8MB file. I did edit that Me firmware for unlock but all attempts to flash the Me Descriptor region failed. When I mentioned the BIOS above is unlocked, I meant that the "Chipset" menu is unlocked, not the ME firmware.
  10. Klem, I am unsure of what you are asking for exactly. The ME is a seperate file update because it is not part of the BIOS updates for ASUS notebooks. The ME update only updates the software but it will not allow the change of the ME region descriptor. I can't post it to this thread yet, because the file size is bigger then 2mb. I sent Michael a link to the file and waiting on him to upload it to this thread.
  11. G46VW Modded Bios Modded - Unlocked - Overclocked - Updated After a year of research and testing, I modded a bios for the G46VW. This enables many features that allows tweaking and capabilities unavailable before. Thank you to those who helped with the mods! Doink, Dreamonic, Klem, Fernando & SonicX Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for damage to your laptop. Speed/heat/and power can reach levels beyond specification which could cause long and short term damage. ---> Download: G46VW Mod BIOS v4 Beta <--- G46VW Bios210 Base: UNLOCKED Chipset menu and hidden options. Overclock CPU Boost Multipliers 37xxQM series and higher - Upto 4 multipliers K series - Unlimited Memory Frequency & Timings adjustable GTX660m VBIOS: Disable SECURE BOOT & FAST BOOT, then enable CSM. Overclock Limit - raised +405 Overvolt- Adjustable upto 1.20V (PrecisionX, Nvidia Inspector or MSI Afterburner (Must edit .cfg file to show) Updated: Atheros Ethernet: ---> Intel Raid/SATA: ---> Intel VBIOS: 2137 ---> 2171 Intel GOP IvyBridge: 3.0.1023 ---> 3.0.1030 Intel CPU Microcode IvyBridge: 15 ---> 1C SandyBridge: 28 ---> 29 Intel ME: ---> (Run METool.exe to update) Miscellaneous New Static Boot Splash Images BIOS defaults changed for performance and compatibility Win8/8.1/10 (Choose 'Restore Defaults' in BIOS) Fix for keyboard backlights not working. (Read 'Read Me' in fixmykb folder) Possible Future Updates: GTX660m VBIOS bug fix - battery profile voltage stuck at 3D profile. Change Animated Boot Logo Procedure: Turn off antivirus, windows update, running software. If system crashes during flash, it will be bricked. If flash is interrupted and you're still in windows, re-run flash. Download and extract to an empty folder BIOS Mod files. Run flash.bat (flash will start immediately and Mouse and keyboard will be disabled until done.) Shutdown, wait several seconds, then power on while holding F2 to enter the new BIOS. WARNING: The BIOS reset jumper does not work nor does the flashback feature. Only change settings you know its affect. If new setting prevents system start you will need an external programmer or solder a new programmed BIOS chip.
  12. Here try this program. It was originally meant for the G75VW but it also worked on my G46VW. fixmykb.rar
  13. Go to this thread to get the most up to date version of the G46VW modded BIOS
  14. This is how you unlock the Chipset Menu in an AMI Bios,
  15. So I did as you said, used the 8MB Bios and edited the bios to unlock the descriptor, then placed it in C:\ (also tried it on a FAT32 USB stick) file named G46VW.bin and when I booted holding the Home + CTRL and then power, there was a slight delay but then it just booted like normal into windows. Is G46VW.bin the correct name? Do I have to do something else? Are you sure this method works with 8MB version or is this possibly only for the 6MB Bios files?
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