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Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card


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On 4/9/2018 at 3:37 PM, AllanDavidson said:

do you have any more pictures/information on this mod? What is this? A Ultrabay adaptar that have both PCI Express and SATA connectors?

That's simple.Just glue a 2.5“ to ODD tray and the adapter together then everything is great

19 hours ago, gerald said:

I bought it at online components.com

You purchased 3 items
44869647.jpg 2199015-1 TE Connectivity / AMP Brand 
Conn Power PL 30Power/88Signal POS Solder RA Thru-Hole/SMD 118 T
50 Ships Today Quantity:  50

Ewwwww... I don't know whether I could get one. The stock is likely to be in a weird state.

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Hey, I replaced my HDD with a SSD a few days ago and now the external card causes reboots and blue screens whenever it's plugged in. I didn't think that the BIOS would have to be modded again after replacing the HDD, so is there an easy way to see if it's my graphics card that went kaput? I don't have another computer to test that card with though.

Here's the info I've gathered.

-The card lights up and fans come on

-The BIOS looks the same as the modded one provided by @High_Voltage

-My computer doesn't recognize my card in Device Manager

-I formatted the m.2 2242 drive because I had another OS on it

-I replaced the HDD with a SSD and DID NOT migrate files over


Would any of the drives contain BIOS files that I may have accidentally deleted? I know the main BIOS is stored on the motherboard but is there an EFI partition I may have deleted?

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@Luthercorp First of all, neither the original nor the modded bios store any kind of data on HDDs. The BIOS should function perfectly even if all of the drives are disconnected. Therefore, replacing the HDD with SSD should not have changed anything in BIOS and it doesn't have to be reflashed.


The issue you described might be caused by incomplete OS migration or driver-related problems in case it was a fresh install.


Also, how can you tell whether the card is detected in device manager or not, if as you say it causes PC to reboot and bluescreen whenever connected? I should also mention just in case, that the adapter does not support hot plug, therefore you shouldn't connect it to a PC while it's already running. Doing so might damage the card or the PC.


My recommendations would be to try the following:


  • First of all, clean the connectors (both inside the ultrabay and on the adaptor) with some compressed air. Disassembling your PC in order to swap the drive could have caused dust to get into the connector and cause poor contact.
  • Check that all your drivers are installed properly. Maybe, try installing the original HDD back and see whether it works as before. Try clean install of Windows.
  • Try resetting the BIOS to factory defaults by either clearing CMOS or selecting the option in the BIOS itself.


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8 hours ago, Luthercorp said:

@High_Voltage thanks,

I forgot to say that it wouldn't recognize the card with the Nvidia driver uninstalled (it doesn't recognize what it is, just that something's connected.) Once the driver was installed, having it boot with the card in would cause the blue screen/ bootloop

Actually, it seems like a poor contact. Sometimes I loosen my adapter accidentally can cause this issue.

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22 minutes ago, Kuneroll said:

How can i use Arduino mod.


I'd rather recommend you trying this BIOS mod first. The more people test it, the better.


Edit: But if you are really more hardware person, and do have decent soldering skills, the hardware mod can be found here.

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15 hours ago, MWichni said:


Hi, could you describe how to get the internal display to work with the eGPU?

for y410p/510p, attach the egpu (must be nvidia card), disable the GT750M/GT755M, disconnect any external display and everything should work fine. Optimus should be utilized in this way.

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30 minutes ago, MWichni said:

Hi and thanks for the reply. Just tested it and everything works fine. 


So you're saying it works with internal screen now? This is awesome! What GPU model are you using? And did it only require disabling internal Nvidia in device manager or also in BIOS?

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5 hours ago, MWichni said:

Hi and thanks for the reply. Just tested it and everything works fine. 

According to my tests,just disable them in the device manager.(Haven't found related bios options lol) nvidia ones works fine. It seems that amd ones don't work in this way.

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