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  1. Hmmm...It's just an email address. I do speak a bit of English(I hope so) So don't worry about language I guess? I can send the pic of the board by email
  2. Hi. I still have a few in stock. If you are still interested, plz contact me at [email protected]
  3. Actually I believe there's an option in the (patched?) BIOS and choose 'UMA only' will disable the internal GT755 for you. (I cannot recall the name of that option for now...
  4. Though you likely will not benefit from PCIe 4.0, but PCIe is backward-compatible, which means you should have no problems running these systems with the latest and greatest cards.
  5. I dunno what do you mean by “as an external HDD” do you mean that it occupies a USB port or it’s dangling around? The LBA adapter has the SATA port from the ODD rerouted to the outside so you can still attach your HDD.
  6. actually it’s still available to buy(I still have a few) but the shipping or so may not worth it. It does have the optical SATA port routed outside so if you have external hard drive it got you covered. You may contact me at [email protected]
  7. Yep. The ATX connector on the board pinned exactly the same as the standard.. But a minor thing to notice, it’s a 20pin, not 24pin. If your 24pin is actually 20+4pin detachable, then you’re good. Or you may need to cut the connector or just jam that in there and hang the extra 4pin around
  8. Actually, if you are going to eventually build a new, proper PC, then you may not think of bottlenecking. You'd better think of what PSU will your next PC need. So that you can reuse the PSU without extra cost or save you from flipping hassle. You can also do that to your GPU selection. But that don't quite apply to that, for power supply pretty much won't evolve over time while GPU does get beefier and beefier, resulting to a low price to performance ratio at that time. Just a hint
  9. Yeah. You can contact me at [email protected] The fan control program you might be interested in. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlQ9tIhcRFrHm34uRQkJavL3vPC0?e=B3CBS5
  10. Nothing found both in my inbox or junk box. Maybe send it again?
  11. You can just email me to that address. In English if you like.
  12. Contact me at [email protected] I failed to upload pictures on the forum...
  13. Nope. It's no longer produced. The latest version of the board is still going. It features a chip to handle SMBUS signal and also a SATA port routed from the optical drive. But it does not come with a case.
  14. This thread is never talking about EXP GDC... And plz do not confuse the ultrabay adapter with EXC GDC. it really has nothing to do with it.
  15. Or with chipped adapter, you can use anything you want.
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