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  1. EROR 43. 1060 6gb on Y500 all right. Download driver 368.81,no modify. Clean driver via DDU. in device manager rightclick on the basic graphic adapter on port PCI2, actualize driver, from disc, search driver 368.81,instal. restart. then instal Geforce expirience and actualize. in device manager disconnect GT650m. PS: maybe is possible to instal only newest driver after clean via DDU. I didn´t try. Does anyone know why I have bus interface only x16 2.0 @ x8 2.0 ? Swung Huang has 3.0
  2. Does anyone use nvidia via geralds adapter on Y500. I can't instal driver for 1060 6gb. There is error code 43 device was stopped, in device manager.
  3. How did you instal drivers for gtx 1070? If i instal driver for my 1060 6gb,i disconnected gt650m in device manager,then i instal driver for 1060,but computer selfconnect 650m through instalation and didn't instal driver for 1060. I have Y500.
  4. Here is bios and excelent manual for Y500. I also have Y500-gt650m. Was very easy to instal. Read meticulously and do it step by step. Now i use rx560 on 2 external and internal displays.
  5. I don't know. It is giant gpu,maybe was bad connect.
  6. Thanks so much High_Voltage for moded bios.
  7. So, Hd7950 also works fine on all three displays, 2x ext and int laptop.
  8. Y500 It works with other Nvidia. GTS250 1GB. 2x ext display also int laptop display
  9. Sorry HD7950 is AMD. Yes I used separate power, it has 2x 6pin. Fans are spin.
  10. Right. Device manager doesn't see nvidia
  11. With Nvidisa HD 7950 is funcionless
  12. With Nvidia HD 7950 is functioless. In device manager i don´t see any other GPU then GT650M
  13. So, I flashed bios from this topic and try gpu for the first time. Y500, Rx 560 4GB(without self power. Pasive) I did setup nothing. I use 2 ext monitor and int monitor on latop. Later I´ll try some games. I´m going to try nvidia gpu. I´ll post result. If I disconnect or connect GT650M, it´s look like same. Only in notification are i see Nvidia icon.
  14. I'll try it tonight on Y500 with both gpu nvidia and amd and then i'll post result.
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