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  1. Hi, you need also some additional signals for the PCIe interface. Enclosed the schematics...Ultrabay_V2_20160428.pdf One of the resistors must be a 10k -> the right one was pointed out in this thread.
  2. I have also no more PCBs. Screenshot 2018-10-09 at 20.18.01.pdf
  3. No. The connector for UB is EOL.
  4. Sorry but I have no more adapters.
  5. Hi, the adapter is the latest one. The PCB version is #2 but the mentioned resistor has the new value -> 10k instead of 1k.
  6. Hi, I have 3 adapters left. The fastest one wins:-)
  7. Yes, the issue is already fixed. You need a new BIOS. GTX1070 is often used by the users of this thread.
  8. yes, [email protected] If you want to use the internal screen you should buy a NVIDIA card because AMD cards does not support this feature.
  9. Hi, I still have some adapters. It costs €95,- incl. int. shipping. Pls transfer the money to my PayPal account and I will send the adapter within e few days. The shipping to poland will take approx. 2-3 weeks.
  10. Yes, I still have some adapters. Pls send me a message with your address.
  11. There is a suggest in this thread how you can modify the adapter to connect a HDD and this adapter.
  12. Hi, I still have some adapters. Pls pay €95,- (incl. €25,- for int. shipping) to my PayPal account. ([email protected]). I will send the adapter within a few days. A GTX1080 does work with the latest BIOS upgrade -> the upgrade procedure is described in this forum.
  13. Hi, it depends. If you want an eBay sell, it will cost €70,- and €25,- for int. shipping. You can buy it direct via PayPal and save €10,-
  14. Hi, I still have adapters. If you want to buy one pls let me know. I can start a new eBay offer.
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