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  1. Hey not sure if anyone was wondering if I got my setup working again, but if you were here's the skinny. Turns out that my GTX 780 got toasted by a bad PSU. Got me a new PSU and joined the Red Team with a Sapphire Nitro+ Pro Special Edition RX580 (It's blue!) Now it's working waaaay better than my old card- no surprises there. Also, is it just me or does the Radeon software look miles better than GeForce Experience?
  2. @High_Voltage thanks, I forgot to say that it wouldn't recognize the card with the Nvidia driver uninstalled (it doesn't recognize what it is, just that something's connected.) Once the driver was installed, having it boot with the card in would cause the blue screen/ bootloop
  3. Hey, I replaced my HDD with a SSD a few days ago and now the external card causes reboots and blue screens whenever it's plugged in. I didn't think that the BIOS would have to be modded again after replacing the HDD, so is there an easy way to see if it's my graphics card that went kaput? I don't have another computer to test that card with though. Here's the info I've gathered. -The card lights up and fans come on -The BIOS looks the same as the modded one provided by @High_Voltage -My computer doesn't recognize my card in Device Manager -I formatted the m.2 2242 drive because I had another OS on it -I replaced the HDD with a SSD and DID NOT migrate files over Would any of the drives contain BIOS files that I may have accidentally deleted? I know the main BIOS is stored on the motherboard but is there an EFI partition I may have deleted?
  4. I got my terminology messed up, I thought that it was a mSATA port in the ultrabay slot. Thanks!
  5. @Swung Huang You mentioned it earlier, but can the ultrabay gpu work in tandem with the mSATA ultrabay connector? I thought those two connectors used the same PCIe lanes so it would have to be one or the other
  6. Thank you @High_Voltage and @gerald, I got the adapter a couple days ago and I am running a Nvidia GTX 780 with Windows 8.1, and it works like a dream!
  7. Alrighty everyone, here's my 3d model of Gerald's card. It's not super detailed but the measurements and component placement are accurate. Geralds Adapter 3D.stl Geralds Adapter 3D.skp If these links ever break just let me know
  8. @gerald Would it be alright if I shared my 3D model of your adapter with the group or would you consider that proprietary?
  9. It keeps saying I don't have permissions to view, do I have to have a certain post count to view it?
  10. Can someone send me the dimensions of the adapter? I want to see if I can 3d model a case for it so it's not just exposed PCB
  11. @High_Voltage My ultrabay adapter should get to me mid next week or so, if you want more data trying to use Nvidia cards I have a gtx 780 that I can try to make work
  12. Gerald, you are a god among men. I was thinking I had to go the mini PCIe to PCIe route and then stumbled onto this. I'm ordering one tomorrow, Thank you
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