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  1. You could get a 1762 motherboard instead
  2. I've been playing it since the release but got bored a couple of months back, but now as it's F2P and some new content I might try it again. But they should really do something about PVP (if the haven't already) as it's so extremly repetitive.
  3. Afaik it doesn't make any difference if the battery is connected or not while the power supply is connected.
  4. If you have for example a Clevo P570WM3 with dual GPUs and socket 2011 CPU.
  5. All the settings from the chipset menu should be available at the bottom of the main menu, the menu isn't named anything and it's usually just a [. If not PM me and I can supply you with my modded BIOS with chipset menu unlocked.
  6. Are you sure the card works? Try reseating the card. If I remember correctly the Dell version of 580M works in 16F2 but that laptop supported a lot of cards..
  7. There is the AGA (Alienware Graphics Amplifier) which allows you to connect a desktop GPU to your laptop.
  8. What settings did you change? Have you tried taking out 1 RAM stick and then boot?
  9. Dual BIOS chips to switch between for an easy fix if you brick it, nice for trying out BIOS mods too . Why not 1 extra EC chip too as it's a bit of work to fix a bricked EC.. No BGA CPU's, MXM standard GPU's even in the smaller models (might not be doable in very slim notebooks though). Would be nice if they could manage to squeeze in an extra heat pipe on the heatsinks.
  10. It has additional turbo bins which allows you to overclock it to 4.2Ghz, you'll need to increase Turbo boost power time window, turbo boost short power max, turbo power max etc. Although it's TDP is only 47W so I'm not sure it will run at 4.2.
  11. No, two sticks of 1866Mhz would probably run just fine. My reply was for Shivanshu_1
  12. Maybe 1 stick could run at that speed but I doubt two will.
  13. Afudos.exe filename.rom /o or Afuwin.exe filename.rom /o
  14. Download Fan control tool by Pherein Fan Control Tools by Pherein v1.0.4 and RW everything http://rweverything.com/downloads/RwX64V1.6.5.9.zip and you will be able to make your own custom fan profiles. - - - Updated - - - No.
  15. BAKED

    IC Diamond vs AS5

    No, phobya nanogrease extreme, it's much better than HeGrease.
  16. No don't flash it!
  17. BAKED

    Online MSI Shop

    Deviltech ship world wide and are EU based.
  18. I think Mr. Fox already explained it. If you are using an older laptop this might be the case but this doesn't apply to new systems and batteries, and it doesn't matter if you use the laptop or not while it's charging the battery.
  19. BAKED

    IC Diamond vs AS5

    The only paste I've noticed some real difference with is phobya nanogrease extreme, beats every paste except for liquid ultra and so on.
  20. Well, you wrote afudos flasch instead of flash and only flash which is the name of the batch file.
  21. You need to look up the specs of your chip, I had to do the same thing one time. You just need to know what chip it is.
  22. No need for disassembly, just get hwinfo64 HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download and it will show your display model. I've got a 1920X1080 15,6" matte for your model if you're interested.
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