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  1. Not sure if this has been asked before. What tips do you guys have for keeping my notebook battery healthy. I personally never leave it plugged in and charging once its fully charged AND not in use. And once every 2-3 weeks use it on battery power till the battery runs out (7%) then recharge it to maximum.
  2. Loved the two previous carmageddon games. Will definitely be buying this one.
  3. My page file is set to 16MB-1024MB. Also have a 128GB SSD for the operating system and many a storage hard drive for all my junk.
  4. I use a laptop backpack. Not the best one around as it doesn't have lots of cushioning, but I am super careful when transporting my laptop in it. No issues yet.
  5. Just got my W370ST and would also be very keen for a modded bios and the current bios doesn't have a lot of room to change much.
  6. With most big name brand memory suppliers, you will always have the odd bad experience. But the majority of modules are just as good and reliable as the next.
  7. As the title states....gave windows 8 64 bit running on a w370st laptop with 500GB hard drive and 1x8GB memory module and an i5 processor. All is perfect with the laptop except when I try to install the drivers and software for the audio. It crashes immediately. The windows drivers work, but the sound is very soft. Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?
  8. agreed. 47 ronin was not what I expected when I saw the trailer.
  9. Hey everybody. ambrose from South Africa checking in. Doing to some research on my new w370st laptop and stumbled onto this forum.
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