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  1. blaze

    Online MSI Shop

    Does anyone know some MSI online shop. Cuz in my country we don't have MSI. Thanks !
  2. Hi. I'm Ivo from Bulgaria. I got my first PC in 2000 year and since then i can't without my personal PC/Laptop. Before few months i got a MSI GX660 which is great i just love MSI ! I register here with a problem, but i like the site very much and i think i'll be here for a long time
  3. Hi i got MSI GX660 with 15.6 full HD display. And i'm wondering if i can change it with same but matte display? Can anyone tell model that will fit ?
  4. Thanks for help I've just tried that with ABPZ.rom but nothing! I press start buton, right after that spam CTRL+Num7 (Home) i try also with CTRL+Fn+Num7 but it is same: USB Flash drive blink few times also "thinking/CPU activity" led blink few times. I Wait for about 10 minutes and restart, but nohing different. This is the last update for my BIOS by MSI, and it is working OK, cuz i tried it. After that when i asked for original one, they send me this bios: E16F1IMS.109 Both times i flashed bios under DOS with bootable USB Flash stick. In the each archive i got file flash.bat which i start, wait for all process to finish. on each sector it says "completed" and restart. Should the USB flash drive be bootable now? I think it does not matter ! And i extraxt all files on the USB, or should be only BIOS file ? May be i should try with E16F1IMS.109 ? What name must be given to file ? P.s: One MSI guru told me that 109 is too old and may be can't recognize some HW. I got 1.0F (this was my original), but do someone know autorecovery name for it ? Or this here unlocked one from Xonar ? MSI give me that directions: 1. download 1.0F bios ( they give me one file named 0abpz.rom ) 2. Put file into the USB drive under the root directory. U disk to use the FAT32 format. 3. Power on while holding down the power button + ctrl + home Nothing different i think i'll disassembly my baby and go for reprogram bios chip
  5. blaze

    MSI GS70 BIOS Dead ?

    I have almost the same problem with GX660, IS there a problem if i try that with 8gb USB flash drive ? And only "bios" file must be on the drive or all (4) BIOS files which i got from Bios arhive ? When i try this, USB flashes for a 5-7 seconds, and nothing! What the problem could be ?
  6. Probably you are with new 1.0L version which is so simple thet you can only cahnge boot devices. Try unlocked bios from Xonar (above answer)
  7. Hello Xonar and all other people here. In few words... I got MSI GX660 (ms16f1) and i asked MSI Technical support for new bios version. They send me 1.0L and i flash it successful. But all cool menus for CPU, Memory,SATA, VGA and other settings was missing ! So i asked for the old one. They send it to me, i flash it same way and = black screen. After this they just told me "Ask MSI Bulgaria (i'm from Bulgaria) to help you) But they don't even know here is no such company! No MSI service- nothing for MSI customers! And they don't respond for a week so i want to try "blind flash". Now when i turn on my laptop, everything starts, but on indicator lights only "sleep" indicator light up, nothing else. And black screen, no light - nothing. I've read most of the thred (not all 83 pages), and i can't find out which file should i rename to AMIBOOT.ROM ? ? ? As i don't have access to your ms16f1 BIOS file i will try with 1.0L version that MSI Technical support send me. I got files: E16F1IMS.10L , AFUDOS.EXE , bioschk.exe , kernel.sys , flash.bat Is there a chance to give me link for your BIOS and some instructions on PM ? Thanks a lot and i hope i will save my baby
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