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  1. The whole point is not to increase power. The point is to sustain that battery power. Normally NOS enables you 180+50=230w, enough for overclocking since you're going to face severe thermal problems before surpassing that power limit. The reason I wanna mod it is that NOS kicks in only while your battery has enough juice. For long gaming session I can end up with an empty battery and tons of throttling after like 1 hour or so. By "do some wiring stuff" I mean putting an extra power brick into the charging circuit on the mobo, not modding the battery itself since it's dangerous. It's like one brick for the power and another for charging up the battery while the battery is meanwhile discharging. Wiring a brick onto the mobo to charge the battery isn't impossible IMO. Disconnect the circuit from the mobo voltage input and use another brick instead. I might be wrong though, not sure how this thing actually works.
  2. Nope. I'm very comfortable with it after some minor overvoltage. Running 1202@1.012v rock solid. Anything higher is not considered necessary to me since I only got a 4700MQ.
  3. Well, that's not the case for some ppl. For example, me. I got this vBIOS just to change that thermal/power limit thing and I'm not planning to oc/undervolt it yet. Also, since it's an oc vbios, keeping it at stock will give OCers a better reference. There's really no need to pre-undervolt for them since, well, like you said, they know their cards best and they know what they are doing and, they need the easiest way to restore everything to stock just in case. Just that one can hit high at stock voltage with some cards does not necessarily ensure that all cards can handle it perfectly, even at stock freq. That's my opinion though. No offense/disrespect to anybody including svl. He's done a great job.
  4. Agreed on svl's awareness. But that's another bad move made by nv if that's the case. Also I would recommend svl to leave the voltage unaltered since the driver would overclock the card/some cards can't even handle it at stock.
  5. Hi. Yes, I am running 347 but I honestly don't think the driver overclocked my card for me. Maybe that's what svl intended. You could expect 1380mhz or so with this card with a reasonable overvoltage. Purely amazing chips from NV imho.
  6. In fact I'm experiencing some "display driver stopped responding" issues after flashing. I did notice that core voltage is a little bit low. Is it my card that sucks or svl's that is beyond average? I'm not sure if this (crashing @1.2ghz@1.000v) sounds normal to you. Maybe it's just mine.
  7. Hi. After flashing my GTX980m 8GB, I get 1202mhz core running stock. Shouldn't it be 1037? Or is your modded bios pre-overclocked? Thanks.
  8. I think you still can oc your ram with IXTU though. Not sure if I'm right.
  9. Then what's the point of modded BIOS? Since IXTU can push it all the way up.
  10. Yes. I works perfectly except I can only push my 4700mq up to 34x/4 cores.
  11. I thought Windows judges remaining battery charge via voltage. A new idea. Keep the battery in, while charging it with a secondary adapter (do some wiring stuff). I think that will keep the battery level up and the NOS will keep going for hours.
  12. Hi everyone. I've heard that an unlocked BIOS will give me full control over the parameters for the CPU. Does that include unlocking the maximum multiplier limit (34x/4cores with 4700mq). Or is it just a way to go overclocking without IXTU? I'm confused.
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