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  1. Any idea where to look for this one , you have helped me with my y510 and y50-70. dont know where else to go
  2. Hey I was going for everything if I'm modding so I included whitelist( i was not sure my bad). My main problem is GPU auto overclocking even when its not needed , so i need to set it straight in Vbios And unlocked bios for further tweaking.
  3. Would it be possible for my MSI GV62VR 7RF to get a bios menu unlock, wlan whitelist and Vbios mod ? @klem if you can help me with this please
  4. Hi Klem, I would like to request removal of whitelist, unlocked hidden menus and settings and Unlocked VBIOS for overclocking NVIDIA cards. I have already PMed you with link to result.rar. Can you also guide me how to install it after you have given me the modded file. Kind Regards
  5. I have had this problem too . make sure u have all the files , on desktop . including BIOS fixer and BIOS.bin . then do the task . alternatively make sure u have installed .net 4.0 . hope this helps . Kind Regards
  6. 1.) Depends on what ur interested in getting from lappy . but 1080p is definitely better . I'm using it and it's awsm 3.) Yes its possible to upgrade it until ur connector is incompatible ( its one in a million chance on incompatibility)
  7. Hello all , I recently bought a Lenovo y50-70 model and was keen to ask that , should upgrading the stupid SSHD and RAM will void warranty . I have watched many vedios of disassembling y50 but none of them showed any warranty stickers like in y510p when opening processor . asking customer care in phone was no good , they don't seem to know anything . please help . Kind regards Shivanshu
  8. u have to open the backup.bat file from windows admin command promt . Open command promt admin mode then type "cd.." twice . Then u wil be in c dive . Now type "cd path to folder/backup.bat" now program will start wrkin and a bios.bin file wil be created in the folder where backup.bat is located .
  9. i changed the settings again to SG from PCI by doing it in the BIOS by guessing .
  10. i have changed default graphics adapter from sg to pci , using modded bios . Now screen is not lighting up . what to do to rectify it
  11. intel website says max ram supported for i7-4700mq is 32GB DDR3L 1333,1600 . Its nowhere mentioned 1866 or 2133 support Please post some working 1866 Pics Kind regards
  12. Program running in ADMIN mode . im running it from a folder . although i have tried it from desktop . and also in safe mode but none of them worked
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