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  1. Is it possble to sli/crossfire the P170em? I know the P370em can sli/crossfire just curious about (2) 970m's
  2. What do you mean exactly by force the card to stay on?
  3. Hello I have a Sager/Clevo P170em and when i go through the instructions atiflash fails to flash the new vbios. anyone have any advice on how to make it work? atiflash -p i vbiosfile which in my case is atiflash -p 0 amd.ROM wont flash.
  4. Atm Wow is definitely the winner of my favorite MMO. BUT! I have been trying to find a game to fill WoW's spot for a few months now and still am looking!
  5. Hey everyone my name is Jerry I'm from Massachusetts. I have joined these Forums due to recently getting ahold of a Sager P170EM. I have always been a huge Sager/Clevo fanboy. I am interested in trying to help people with some of there questions and also receiving help from the forums everyone here seems friendly
  6. Is anyone here going to be starting up ESO once it goes F2P? I bought the collectors edition back before it came out and honestly did not last a month ingame. The worse part about that is I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I'm just looking for peoples input on if its worth trying to put my time back into it once it goes F2p and will anyone here be joining?
  7. This game is absolutely amazing. I am one of those gamer's who wants a extremely challenging game and even though H1z1 is not the hardest game to play it definitely keeps you in the mindset that dieing is the worse thing possible. I love how you lose everything at death it makes the game so much more rewarding when you do manage to live survive and make yourself your own barricade. I will prob hop on this teamspeak its nice to have other players to interact with thank you.
  8. I feel as the years go on US PC gamers are getting noticed more and more. I feel as of right now 2014+ PC gamers are getting noticed the way we should. I mean look at Elder Scrolls Online we received the PC game before the consoles did. and most releases now are usually all at the same time.
  9. Would it be smart to wait about a year or so to get a 970m due to the price being so high atm? Like i said up about 3 posts i have a p170em.
  10. This is great just got a slightly used p170em good news to hear!
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