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  1. can't you cut the connector from your current setup and solder it to the suggested power brick?
  2. I had a strange bluetooth problem with my Y500 too. When upgraded to windows 8.1, the bluetooth didn't work after the laptop woke from sleep. Upgraded to win10 and the bluetooth works again.
  3. If you unlocked the bios and then got the problems, I don't think it's something at the hardware side. But you could try it of course.
  4. Does anybody know if this bios unlock works also on Y500 models with a GT750m instead of a 650m?
  5. Also keep in mind that an i7 can use more power and your laptop might not be able to remove all that heat if it's built for the i3's power. To find this out, look at the TDP rating at the intel ark website.
  6. Exactly, that's the adapter. However, you will have to remove your wifi/bluetooth card to install this adapter i believe. Also you need to keep the bottom open from your laptop.
  7. Did you do anything to the voltages and do you use the latest graphic drivers?
  8. From what i've read, the 7260 is a good card. I'm going to replace the wifi card in my y500 with a 7260 aswell, because I have some problems with it (high ping in games, dropping connections etc.)
  9. Awesome! How did you find out what connections go where? Must have been a hell of a job to find that out.
  10. Thank you for your information. I am interested in such an adapter and the way you made/designed this. Currently studying electrical engineering
  11. what do you want to unlock more if you already managed to OC and UV?
  12. Do you mean installing a desktop graphics card into a laptop? that won't work. However, you can use an adapter to hook up an external (desktop) gpu.
  13. I would go for one big loop with all the radiators you've got. I think it's a better idea to use all the cooling capacity for all your components. Especially 3 titan x's (if your sig is right) are going to produce way more heat than your cpu. From my experience with watercooling, it doesn't really mather in which way you set-up your components. The only thing that you have to bear in mind is to place the pump directly under the reservoir. To connect all those fans, personally I would go with a fan controller. You can use those fan splitter cables too, but first check the maximal current that you can draw from your motherboard's fan header.
  14. What do you want to do with your cpu? I got a 3570k @ 4,6ghz and it is still fast enough for me to play games. If you do lots of video editing or other cpu intesinve tasks it might be usefull.
  15. What are the other specs of your system? It would make no sense to upgrade your gpu if your cpu is weak. I went from a 560Ti to a 960 2gb and i think it is about the same jump in performance. The 960 is much faster then the 560ti, but I expected more from the 960. I am thinking to sell my 960 to get a 970 (or 1060Ti if it comes out). If you have freezes and frame drops, check the temps of your system. Something might be overheating.
  16. I bought my y500 without SSD, only a 1TB hdd. I installed an msata ssd myself. There where also models that already come with a 24gb (or similar) ssd installed. I think you have another model, just install a ssd yourself.
  17. I had the same problem, temps went up to 90+ degrees on my Y500 (with 3630qm and 750m). I dusted my laptop out and replaced the thermal paste and the temps are down now.
  18. nope, got 5 posts and still can't download it
  19. I am more exited for a 1060Ti because of a small budget.
  20. looks exactly like my y500 so i don't think it's very different.
  21. Awesome, does it work on the y500 (with 750m) too?
  22. I think you need 5 posts to download the files, having problems with it aswell. I also want to flash it to install a 7260.
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