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  1. Peak14256

    install MacOSX

    Hmm you might be interest in VM Virtualbox? I tried to run Mac OSX 10.9 Maverick,but I failed to boot it hahahaha.
  2. So i bought the wrong model?
  3. It's really easy for Y510p to get fingerprints and I haven't clean my laptop for months now. So can I clean my laptop case with isopropyl alcohol pad? Also if i buy a carbon fiber skin from ebay, will it help prevent my laptop from fingerprints?
  4. Is it possible to control both fans of my laptop?
  5. I just opened the back of my laptop and found out that my ssd slot has no ssd or connector in it. Any idea what happened?
  6. When I play Battlefield 3 with SLI, it crashed about 10 minutes after playing. Sometimes i had to force shutdown or sometimes i managed to quit to desktop and saw a message "Display driver has stopped working". How do i fix this?
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