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  1. Hello, I have at the moment MSI 750Ti OC-2GB. When I play games under Yosemite OS X sometimes I have freezes and low FPS in Counter-Strike:GO for example. Will it helps if I will install NVidia GTX-960 2GB? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I use this cheap one - Cooler Master Notepal CMC3. It is not noisy and provide very good cooling.
  3. Is it possible to install Mac OS X on this Dell? I am also looking for notebook with good productivity and reasonable price. Mostly it will be used during business trip to prepare presentations and education notes. So most probably I will buy original MacBook
  4. It happens to my friend. it this case it was problem with "user" He had issue because in fact BIOS on laptop was 8.0 but he tried 8.01 and during conversion locked-unlocked bios as it written in the instruction some information was lost. it was fixed by installing original 8.01, then unlocked 8.01 Link to original Laptops and netbooks :: IdeaPad Y Series laptops :: IdeaPad Y580 - Lenovo Support (CZ) One more thing, most probably to install original file you need to use flash utility provided by the vendor. Hope it will help
  5. Hi, Could you please confirm that this way works for any version of the Y580 laptops? Actually I have it from German and BIOS show v 7.9.2G . Can it be some customized or special version? I bought it on ebay as used few months ago. Thanks in advance
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