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  1. I really wish I could upgrade my system to 8.01 (5DCN90WW) but there's no link available on Lenovo official website, therefore I'm stuck with 2.07 (5DCN40WW). I previously upgraded to 0.90 (5DCN87WW) but then I realized that it was actually a beta BIOS. While there was no significant changes, I decided to revert back to 2.07 just in case. There are lots of 8.01 BIOS available on the web, but the file does not contain an EC update, which is quite frustrating. P.S. - Kudos to svl7, the GHz edition did give a slight performance increase during gaming (though there's also an increase in heat output).
  2. Try the HDD on other computers if possible. If the problem persisted, it's very likely that the HDD is faulty. However, judging by the problems of the peripherals in your system, you might wanna get it checked by the technician. There might be some problem with the mainboard power delivery to the USB ports.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll check that out.
  4. Lenovo is preparing to launch the new models of the Y series anyways. The Y500 with GT750M is most likely just a minor change. Here's the link to the site for the brand new 14-inch model, the Y410p, featuring GT750M and Intel Core i7-4700MQ (Haswell). IdeaPad Y410p High-Performance 14" Multimedia Laptop from Lenovo | Lenovo (US) Availability for other regions may vary. Pretty sure there's going to be either Y510 or Y510p with even more powerful GPU. Maybe GTX765M to rival with the new Razer Blade.
  5. "Show Disabled Devices" selected, Bluetooth devices still not found. I've decided to do a full format and reinstalled Windows 8, Bluetooth still won't show up. However, after experimenting with other OS (Ubuntu 13.04 Live CD), Bluetooth stack was detected and appears to be operational. I'm starting to suspect that it might be Windows 8 itself might be the culprit, or maybe my system needs a new BIOS?
  6. I already downloaded the driver from Lenovo. But the driver won't install since the system does not detect it. There is no yellow exclamation mark or any unknown devices in device manager. P.S. - According to the part list, it's a Broadcom bluetooth stack.
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if this is a universal issue with Lenovo notebooks. I've had a Y580 for about three months now and it's a pretty good gaming laptop, except for one irritating issue. Bluetooth will not show up in Windows 8. It's the only hardware missing from the system after an upgrade from Windows 7. Since the system will not detect Bluetooth, I could not install the driver. Trying Fn+F5 also does not work. My system has the latest BIOS available from Lenovo, the 5DCN40WW. Any suggestions, please?
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