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  1. jayl86

    Dead Island 2

    Dead Island 2 was originally supposed to be developed by Techland but they instead put their focus into Dying Light, which turned out to be amazing in my opinion, and Hellraid. Instead, Dead Island 2 is developed by Yager Development who is relatively unknown but in recent years brough us Spec OPS: The Line which was a successful title. It's hard to pick up where someone else left off when developing a game like this, especially when the company that developed the original game went on to produce a massively successful game that is in a similar category (Dying Light). The pressure is on! How do you think Dead Island 2 will compare to both the original (and side releases) as well as to Dying Light? I am personally looking forward to giving Dead Island 2 a go when it is released
  2. I've got the same issue when I post anywhere except for here in the off topic section. I also have I think 10 posts but it only indicates I have 3 and I need 5 so I can download a file that I found here in one of the threads! I see you're at 22 posts and 1 download now so I assume everything worked out eventually. Can you confirm?
  3. In my history I can see that I have 8 posts but in my About Me section and under my avatar it indicates I only have 3 posts so I haven't been able to try to download anything yet. Not very encouraging knowing that you have finally been able to make it to 5+ and still can't download anything. I've been off and on here for a few days and all I really want is the y510p recovery media that someone posted in another thread over 2 years ago. I haven't seen it anywhere else which is odd so it makes me wonder if it's still being seeded
  4. Lol now that's an old game that is never really brought up. What exactly would you to level and in groups?
  5. Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P 15" 1980X1080 HD Display Intel Core i7-4700MQ NIVIDIA GeForceGT 755M Samsung SSD 850 256GB 1TB HDD in Ultrabay
  6. jayl86

    Favorite MMO?

    Agreed, especially now with their new token system. You can easily buy game time with in-game currency. It dipped down to around 21k gold for a month's subscription yesterday!
  7. Same here, my post amount is stuck at 0. Anyone having any luck with this or is buying a premium account the only way?
  8. Hello All, new here and this is my introduction! I am an avid gamer, on console, handheld and PC. I am soon to be building a new gaming / programming computer with a 4 monitor setup. I have purchased the monitors and am in the process of finding or making a desk that will suit my needs.
  9. I am planning on upgrading, or should I say building a new machine, and presently am using an I5-3570K processor. I have been looking at the I7-4960X and the I7-5960X and oddly the 5960X is cheaper by about $50. They're both the same socket so that isn't a factor, one has more cache and the other has higher clock speed (but 2 less cores). I plan on running a 4 monitor setup. Suggestions on which one to go for ultimately?
  10. I prefer any racing game or platform game (like the Lego series) with a controller. I personally use the XBOX 360 controller with the adapter to connect to PC and have also tried a PS3 controller
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