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  1. If anybody is still reading this I clipped the fan speed control wire. The circuit read infinite resistance and the fan speed was stuck on max speed. Unshrouded meaning I cut the fan shroud into a circle to match the circular shape of the fan. Also, if you're still reading this you should probably clean your fan. They love to hold lent and dust up really bad making them run hot. I still have the laptop but I don't really do much with it now.
  2. I have a y510p that I've basically converted into my desktop and I would like to quit carrying it around. It has a 4900mq, soon to be external amd 480, etc... a nice little setup and I'd like it to stay in one spot since it's worth quite a lot to me at this point and I love being able to dual screen easily on my desk and have everything going. So with this said, does anybody know of a laptop I could buy for cheap with a crappy hard drive and processor and swap in new stuff and use my free windows 10 license from school? I like the multi-threaded processors with about 8gb of ram for some of the programs we use for school in engineering as well. I'd honestly kind of like a thinkpad? Any input appreciated. Thanks!
  3. From what i've noticed so far its very similar to a third or fourth gen quad core i7 desktop cpu. Scores about a 9100 on cpubenchmark. Single thread performance it scored a 2300 with or without overclocking for both of these values (overclocking netted me a solid nothing). I sold my original i5 for 120 dollars and purchased a used 4900mq pulled from an alienware laptop for 172$ bucks. Snagged the deal of a century. I say more than likely it is not worth it over a 4700mq, but it is nice to have. I noticed it produced infinitely more heat than my i5 though.
  4. Okay so here recently I've came across the new adapter that is being made to adapt the ultrabay slot in the y510p into an external 3.0 x8 slot and I have some questions of how the given system configuration effects the performance of the system as a whole. From what i've seen for cpu they have a certain number of pci express lanes available as listed on intel's website: --i7-4900mq (4700mq as well): /Expansion Options: //PCI Express Revision: 3.0 //PCI Express Configurations: 1x16 2x8 2x4 //Max # of PCI Express Lanes: 16 ///Thoughts: My dad's i7-5820k has 28 lanes available while ours only has 16 express lanes available. I'm probably looking at this wrong, but it looks to me like you can only run so many configuration options on this laptop successfully without running an unsupported pci-e configuration. If a wifi card uses 4 express lanes (a 1.0 x4 slot), and each graphics card uses 8 express lanes when not in sli (3.0x 8 for the on-board 755m, and a 3.0 x8 slot for the ultra bay egpu adapter), this may be the reason why nvidia cards wont work with the ultra bay 3.0 x8 adapter and the 755m still installed. With the oem setup of the on-board 755m and the ultra bay 755m in sli (effectively a 3.0 x8 slot), and while running the wifi card ( a 1.0 x4 slot) you would be utilizing 12 express lanes for this configuration. If you remove the wifi card, I would think you could get the laptop to read a second 3.0 x8 slot and be able to swap between the two cards say for on the go when you only have the on-board 755m and for at home gaming when you have both cards installed but want to swap to the more powerful card for game processing. I would think this has to be the case as to why the exp-gdc adapters (and other adapters of the like) work and allow you to swap between the cards, but you cannot boot the laptop with two 3.0 x8 cards installed unless you uninstall the on board graphics card effectively getting rid of 8 lanes of traffic. My setup: I'm already running the exp-gdc adapter that i have ran out the back under the middle of the battery tray to be able to plug an unplug and still be able to use my laptop as a mobile laptop, and i have a usb wifi card for connectivity. I just purchased the ultra bay external graphics card adapter from ebay (Austria) so whenever the hell that thing comes in I can actually test it out. I also sold my ultra bay card a long time ago on ebay and i just have the hard drive adapter in the tray right now. Thoughts? Feel free to correct me or add info.
  5. True. I'm just kinda of making an educated guess. But my guess is you can't sli unmatched nvidia cards. They just aren't compatible. Either way amd r480 would be my replacement for my 970 and i wouldn't complain.
  6. You can just unplug the adapter and slide in a tray adapter. Bam portable in 15 seconds. Okay so i remember when i did my 1.0 x4 slot adapter the gtx 970 wouldn't run unless I disabled the 750m because if they are both installed it wouldn't run the 970 only the 750m. They just aren't compatible in the nvidia/device software. So I just purchased this adapter to experiment and see what I can do with it. Yeah so we'll see what happens. Honestly i'd consider de-soldering the 750m chip just to run the on board graphics and 970. OP look for my ebay purchase.
  7. It will still be solid. Link speed will lose about 15% over the full size pci slots, but with a 980m it will take the hit like a champ as long as you are using an external monitor.
  8. I would say go for it, for 500 you cant lose. The y50's dont have the heat problems that the y510p's did. Once the games progress you always will have a solid processor and 4k screen and then can continue to use the laptop with an eGPU. Only negative is the 860m is about as fast as the y510p's 755m sli. Its not the fastest but will still play everything in 1080p on low settings.
  9. http://www.thecosmosphere.com/how-to-remove-bios-wlan-whitelist-from-lenovo-y410py510p/ Here is a step by step above that i used stress free and worked on mine, but im wondering what problems you are having on W10? I was on SLI with W10 for more than likely a year and i only ever had one problem, but it was just a driver issue with nvidia and it cleared itself up. Past that W10 > W8 in about every aspect.
  10. So whats the consensus for getting the adapter that doesnt take a month?
  11. I was wondering if somebody could link me to a 6 pin to 8 pin pcie power adapter? I bought the exp gdc beat external graphics card and i cannot find the correct adapter. I need a male to male 6 pin to 8 pin. I've tried two adapters already but i keep getting the wrong ones. Any help from this awesome community?
  12. Update: Still havent gotten the egpu setup. Havent had time. But currently on a single 750m and the cache overclocked to 4.0 and the cores overclocked to 4.2/4.2/4.2/4.2 for all single and multi core operations. Rocm solid stable and no throttling of any sort. Ill try and post up a benchmark for easy test comparison since crysis runs extremely hot compared to most benchmarks. I just run crysis since if it can survive crysis it can survive anything. Solid alienware killer now. On cpubenchmark.com running their test the single core performance of the machine is 2400 vs the 1700 the i5 scored. 2nd highest speed on their chart too. Laptop boots in about 9 seconds now and everything is very instantaneous.
  13. Once again testing using Crysis 3 as my benchmark level Setup 5.0 i7 4900mq 4.0GHz 4 core speed 12gb ram 256gb ssd + 1TB SSHD GTX 750m 144MHz OC 50V under volt Rear dust meshes removed Main fan unshrouded fan wire clipped, 100% speed SVL7 unlocked bios Also my pc doesnt have the plug for the m2 slot and i looked at the adapter but couldnt find any definitive proof of actually being able to build the adapter. Would be interesting as the link speed would gain me a 9% boost in link speed just a couple percent off the big boy pci express boards. Benched: CPU: - range: 84-95c -avg: 88c GPU: Stuck at 91c I think i've hit the extreme case, the best your gonna get with this laptop and its cooling now. Also note im running higher clock speeds with a 144MHz OC 750m and the cpu is hovering around xx TDP and 4.0GHz when gaming (which is why i included the range of C values for this one. So overall pretty impressive. Core and cache are under volted 82mV and hd graphics is 122mV undervolted just pulling the specs that worked from my i5. Also turned off PIVR Faults and PIVR Efficiency Mode per recommendation for stability. Also its looking to be that once i disable the 750m and only running the e970m for gaming and hd graphics for general use i should cut a LOT more heat from not running an internal graphics unit anymore, and i will eventually wire in a switch flush mounted in the battery tray to turn on and off the fan connection for 100% speed when needed, and eject the ultrabay HDD when not in use and just flip the hdd around in the tray and pop it back in to keep it from running since i only store video games on it. So it looks like battery life will not be effected. I might be able to crack 5 hours and have the funny cable hanging out of my laptop. All functionality retained and a little bit gained if you can deal with the quirks! Really excited with how everything turned out. Also will try and develop some sort of case for the xbox 360 power supply and the gtx970 mini and the exp board. Maybe once i disable the 750m i will hit 4.2GHz, it will be interesting to see the thermal difference between this setup and the next setup.
  14. WOW. This last step has taken so much longer than I anticipated. I finally got the EXP BEAST from whatever Chinese website i ordered it from. Took 30 days after two weeks of not having a processor in my laptop from selling the i5 and getting my thermal pads, the 4900mq, assorted parts. That is a lot of time to have a $1000 laptop essentially in a million pieces in assorted bags on a shelf. So current parts added: Old dell 400w power supply for the card (free.. but i also have a 175w Xbox 360 power supply that will work PERFECTLY for free also) Ultrabay sold ($150 after fees) GTX 970 purchased ($230) i5-4200m sold ($165 with ebay listing coupon for my first ad and after fees) i7-4900mq purchased ($171.95) TPLINK N wireless usb 2.0 adapter (8 doll hairs and measurably better than stock so i retain all mobility throughout the laptop) Washers for washer mod ($1.80) Thermal pads 7.0 W/mK transfer (1.0mm 0.5mm ) and artic silver thermal compound ($20ish) Fan wire clipped for 100% speed EXP GDC- ($32) Overall being smart about purchasing back and forth and being super ungodly patient, i came out way ahead. Total spent ended up adding to $141. CPU bench scores for comparison i5-4200m - 4058 -7-4900mq - 9091 GTX 750m SLI OC - 2080 (my score since sli wasnt listed) GTX 970 - 8667 (realistically my link speed is maybe 85% of a 4.0 x16 link so i will lose 15%) So a 168% increase in performance (0% equaling baseline) Just put the pc together yesterday and have yet to really break it in, but initially it boots faster, and doesn't slow down for anything and multitasking is HUGE. The big difference is the performance boost for solidWorks and other programs, and i don't have to solely play just my video game and turn everything off to avoid overloading the cpu, and i can now run multi monitors off just the card (in theory at least for the multi monitors) But... sadly im missing one 6 pin to 8 pin power adapter so i havent gotten to using the card yet. Since I've basically completely maxed out the cooling besides only using medium high end thermal pads and thermal paste, i've greatly increased the contact between the original parts that connected to the lenovo heat sink. Also in observing the factory assembly of the laptop, the heat sink was 1.75mm unlevel with contact to the CPU and GPU. How appalling, which is why the factory thermal compound application is so poor. After doing the washer mod and different sized pads its 0mm offset, basically dead on contact. In theory this lets me use less thermal compound for a better heat transfer, so we will see the results. I've played around with intel XTU a little bit and have my multiplier's set to 42 38 38 36 for all and is stable, but Lenovo's oem TDP cannot be changed from 35W regardless of what is specified. So its looking like max effort I'm getting 3.48Ghz out of what used to be a $600 3.6ghz chip. lol So i am at a great single core overclock performance, but 0.12GHz behind the stock 4 core performance of the chip. Trying to play around with completely disabling intel hd graphics, under volting cache, and possibly core under volt to achieve a maybe another .1Ghz. Just doing that for the first round took me from 3.19GHz 100% current limit throttling to 3.54GHz. So far just playing Crysis 3 with my 144MHz overclock, 50mV under volt old single gpu from above its looking like a 83c GPU and 77c CPU temp. That couple c increase is expected and completely acceptable, but seems to be doing pretty damn good for those of us who remember the frustrations of what was the stock setup and cooling on these. ESPECIALLY the pos ultrabay card. Honestly better than expected so far in adjusting for no more than maybe an hour. And cable routing. When doing these mods you have to completely disassemble the entire computer, then rebuild the pc around the cable. Current cable routing is i cut a hole beside the oem battery connector with a Dremel, and routed it out and up right in between the battery and bottom grille. This cable is honestly huge, and such a tight fit i couldn't really tuck it away when not in use, so it looks super tidy (for how ghetto of a mod this honestly is) but it'll still be there. If i didn't have the ultrabay hdd now i may have tried to route it out that way, but the spot was filled. But coming out of the back its in a symmetrical common sense spot like all of the other proprietary connector locations from Alienware and the assortment. When not in use I have it taped to the rear cover, but am contemplating a durable Velcro of some sort to hold it to the lid out of the way when not in use. So this could be portable but i really don't carry it around anymore honestly, i might take it to the couch occasionally to test battery life which has decreased from throwing a spinning disk back in the ultrabay hdd and running the fan at 100%. I may eventually tear the computer apart again and re-paste with the planned CoolLab's liquid metal thermal compound and take pictures that i didn't take before and once my connector comes in ill finish up the actual testing! So currently my ghetto workstation gaming laptop that is 2.5 years old is now faster than my friends brand new gaming laptops once again (y70 and Alienware m2 of 2015) Alright i got that mess out of my head, if you are confused or have any questions, ask away, i will be around. Thanks, Hayden. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1AKs_fpwd64S05tdEs1MGxKRGc/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1AKs_fpwd64ZHJVZVpkYzdtZDQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1AKs_fpwd64X0ctVWtxVF9TRDQ/view?usp=sharing
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