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  1. Thank you for your answer Khenglish. As for the 7970m, wouldn't I need a different heatsink since it's an ATI card? Edit: I actually found this offer for a 680m that is quite affordable: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-680M-GTX680M-GDDR5-2GB-Video-Graphics-Card-for-Dell-Alienware-M17X-M18X-R1/32415850801.html Would this one work? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok so my laptop started shutting down again due to the high temp, so I'm considering upgrading the GPU. Since I can't really afford a 680m, I was wondering if this 675m would be compatible: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/NVIDIA-GTX675M-DDR5-2GB-Video-Card-N13E-GS1-A1-f-DELL-ALIENWARE-M17X-R4-M18X-CA-/262330927653 Thanks in advance.
  3. Oh thanks a lot Prema, I will try it right away! Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had much time those days, but since my card is still running super hot, I just checked in case there was some new answer in here, so I'm very happy to see yours. ^^ I'll get right back at you to tell you the results. Edit: On the 0.85v version, the drivers crashed right away when I tried to launch a game and, on the 0.89v version, it crashed after a few minutes, preceded by a freeze and artifacts displayed (after going up to 93°C). :'( Still thank you for trying!
  4. I played Diablo III for 20-25 minutes and went up to 97°C, according to HWMonitor. :/
  5. So I applied the thermal paste yet again and ran a Stress Test on Kombustor. The temperature rises gradually, starting around 50°C, reaching 75°C after 1 minute and 93°C after 5 minutes (which is when the fans reach full speed). It seems to stabilize at 93-94°C this time. As for the hardware mods I made, I followed this article: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4073-hardware-mod-clevo-p150p170-cooling-system-solutions-here/ I put aluminium tape to seal air leaks (but had to remove some of it to reapply the paste so I will have to redo it when I get my hands on some aluminium tape), and I cut the plastic shell to increase the airflow over the GPU fan. See the photos attached (sorry for the lack of light). I couldn't do the "washer fix" since I don't have those additionnal ring tabs that are supposed to be under the main metal tabs on opposite corners of the GPU heatsink. I also have a HAVIT HV-F2056 cooling pad.
  6. You were right, the previous thermal paste's spread was terrible. I put some Gelid GC Extreme and spread it before applying the heatsink on it, this time. It's better but not a huge gain, the temperature rises a bit more gradually and does not get high enough to bring any shutdown but it still gets up to 96°C. Anyways, thanks for your advice, it fixed my main issue (the shutdown)! I'm still wondering why it runs that hot though. :/
  7. Ok I'll let you know how it goes once I receive the paste. Thanks!
  8. Ergh... ok I did apply my paste on line, I tried to put some pressure to make sure that it spread when I put back the heatsink. I gained a few degrees right after applying it though. I wanted to try the mod that required to had washers to tighten the heatsink screws but I don't have the additional ring tabs under the main metal tabs so I couldn't do that... I will buy some new thermal paste and try reapplying it. Which method do you suggest to spread it? Because all I can think about is the "card method", but from what I know it's not the best way to avoid air bubbles... Thank for your answer!
  9. Hi all, First of all, sorry to drop by and start with my problems but I am indeed in need of your advice. I have read these forums for several years now but never took the time to sign up and join in the conversations (not that I had much to say though, apart from a big "Thank you!" for the tips and knowledge I grab here and around). I have a P170HM with a GTX 485M which is overheating quite a lot. I've managed up until now but it just seems to get worse and worse. I've followed most of the Hardware mods I could do on my P170HM (including sealing the air leaks with tape, cutting the plastic cover over the GPU to increase the airflow and applying some Tuniq2 thermal paste). The card runs around 60°C on idle (which is already an improvement from before) and immediatly goes to 90°C and over when I run a game that requires some resources (e.g. Diablo III, Eve Online), recently it goes over 100°C after no more than a few minutes which causes the laptop to shutdown. From your experience, does it sound like the card is faulty and changing for, say, a 680m would fix my problem? Or do you think the problem is due to the cooling system and going for another GPU wouldn't change a thing? Thanks in advance, Simon
  10. Hi all! I'm Simon, French guy living in Ireland (for now). I have had quite an interest in computer science and hardware since I first got my hands on a PC some decades ago. ^^ I bought a Clevo P170HM a few years ago and have read quite a few of the posts on this forum since then. I'm looking forward to learn from you and participate in this community! Cheers!
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