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  1. Okay then. The most important is the GPU heatsink. I don't need the CPU heatsink from p150hm. Thank you.
  2. In the last end i found and ordered a MSI GTX680M Vbios I read on the forum that this will fit directly inside my p170hm machine and work. Only thing i need is modded drivers. I really want to know. Do you guys know if the clevo p150hm machine heatsink will fit in a p170hm? And same with the battery? Is it the same? Thank you.
  3. Okay. Im thinkg about to find a brand new 7970M and blind flash it. It seems to be easy. He make a .bat file that will run auto. when i boot from usb. Thank you guys.
  4. I ask for it because i read on forum that one guy just bought a 7970M and it worked without any blind flash. And that card was v1.1. Check it out here : http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-p170hm-gpu-replacement-upgrade.768992/ What about this card : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231949853876?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Will it fit without any changes? I know it is not fast like 6990M but if it can run Battlefield 1 on low i will be happy. And just Counter strike 1.6.
  5. Anyway. I look at 7970M. Will this card and bios work in my clevo? Or this card will also need blind flashing?
  6. Think i misunderstand you CaerCadarn. When you link to this GTX680M you write that it was with the right BIOS ? So i thought no need for Flash the card. But know i understand i need to flash it no matter what.
  7. But i can't really understand this. You tell that the Vbios should be if i buy a GTX680M. That card you are linking to is with Bios. Will it work directly without i need to do any blind flash or something? Maybe it's funny but i am amateur man Forgive me guys Just need to know. Allright then it make sense. So there is change for the card will not work in my laptop.
  8. I need help right now guys. Is GTX680M only produced in 4GB or is there a 2GB version? I try to search on youtube.com or gpuboss.com for comparasion. It's only shows the 4 gb version nothing with 2gb? I have plans for buying this card : http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-gtx-680m-2gb-fits-Clevo-p170hm-em-p150hm-rplcmnt-for-6990m-6970m-485m-/262654889495?hash=item3d27738e17:g:NpMAAOSwZtJW8wPO He tells that it is 2gb ? Is that possible? And he also tell me that he can flash it to that version i need it in? Can this card be flashed to that version i need? I mean to work with my Clevo P170HM it needs this Bios on it right? Please help me. I have plans for buying this card. Thank you.
  9. I really hope so. Because it is really hard to find a new GPU for my laptop. With all these BIOS things.
  10. Hi again. Is there i way to find out if it was my GPU? I have no problems with it now. But it will be nice if i could test it or something. Then i will order a new GPU so i have it when this 6990M is toasted. Thank you.
  11. Yes i install the AMD drivers my self. Sirana i don't really know if it this because of that. But my laptop seems to work normal again.:) Thanks for helping all.
  12. Hello all. I am looking for a new gamer laptop and for daily use. And i find this one, Acer Aspire V-15-NITRO-BE VN7-592G-77SU Spec : - Intel Core i7-6700HQ - 8GB DDR4 RAM - NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M 2GB - 256GB m.2 SSD - 1TB HDD - 15,6" IPS FHD LCD Did anyone here have some positiv or negative experiences with this laptop? Feel free to write something. Thanks
  13. Hmm i uninstall the drivers. And boot up in Safe Mode. But in Device Manager i also uninstall the graphic card. Then it ask me if i want to uninstall the drivers. Nothing happend. Then i unplug my card and gave it a new thermal paste and changed the thermal pads that was bad. Now it's all working. And i played Battlefield 1 for 1,5 hour. The temp was maximm 78c. Maybe it was the drivers from AMD that destroyed everything. I don't really know. For now it is working. I hope it's over
  14. I try several things. It showed up normal in safe mod. But after i try to delete the amd drivers now it look very funny colors. So right now i used DDU to delete all the amd drivers and installing the old driver again. If the GPU was done will it show the American Trends logo? I can also join the BIOS without any problems. But when it try to join the windows there the problem starts. Update : I get blue screen again. The picture is uploaded.
  15. Yes you are right. But i am from Denmark and we have high Tax on everything. That's why it is so expensive. My pc show American Megatrends logo and windows logo. But giving bluscreen with atikmpag.sys error. Maybe it is not my card :S I remember that i try to install new drivers from ATI but it doesn't work Maybe that cause this problem? I remeber last time my 6990M get toasted it failed even on American Megatrends logo. Now i entered the windows in Safe Mode. And all is working. It will not work if the card was damaged right? Im thinking about to remove all drivers for my card and reinstall the new from AMD. For last where did you find the Clevo GTX 680M? I can't find anything that can fit my Clevo. I mean fit my BIOS.
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