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  1. I have notebook (msi ge 60 0nc) withnout thunderbolt or free mini pci-e slot. Can i use mSata as mini pci-e?
  2. It there an opinion for makng eGPU which work with USB 3.0? I want it for my msi GE60.
  3. What is you worst MOBA game story? For me it was firts ranked in LoL with 4 afk teammates and my pro ulti to the opposite direction where was enemy.
  4. Is there an option for turn off LEDs on msi ge60/70? They are very bright and annoying..
  5. DayZ - people are dickheads like IRL, very realistic for me..
  6. Honesly i think game is better, the book series was kinda boring for me...
  7. Lets battle begin! I preffer LoL, it is better game in lot of ways - more players, nice looking champs with good lore, better graphics..
  8. Will be AC: Unity good game as AC1,AC2 and AC:BH? What do you think?
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