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  1. the BIOS was unlocked and Mod ? whats is it ?
  2. I tryed with XTU the OC option are blocked .... mabe one of you know the better XTU version ?
  3. Hello, Thanks you for the answer. I have an MSI GT70 and the CPU can be OC but CTU dont work too..
  4. Hello all, I finaly bought a i7 3940XM after 4 year (old 3610QM) ! and I cat overclock it in the unlocked bios.... 1762IMS.30U (by xonar) Wenn ich go the the menu ICC its show me "ICC Overclocking unavailable Library failed to initialize" why ? could someone help me ? Thanks you !
  5. Hello, I locked my GTX680M wenn i flashed it ... ( nvflash -4-5-6 myvbios.rom) now my laptop dont start, (black screen) so i cant make a new flash (msi gt70 0nc) Please Help !!! Thnks if you can help me !!!
  6. Hello, I flashed my gtx680m and now the laptop didnt start. I romovedd the card un its start now but i can Reflash the card ... why ?? did i burn it ? Thansk for your futur answer !! Gamer from France Tade
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