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  1. tarentyeh

    MSI GT70 2PC software upgrade for OC

    You might need to use nvflash tool to backup vBIOS Hit command line > nvflash -b mybackup.rom For more help, you can use command line > nvflash -?
  2. tarentyeh

    What is your favorite tv-shows?

    CSI LV, CSI NY and CSI miami
  3. There has been 20 years ago... Intel 386 DX-33 RAM 2MB HDD 20MB DOS 5.0
  4. tarentyeh

    I register new member

    So am I..
  5. tarentyeh

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Epic must is great for me :0
  6. tarentyeh

    Post Your System

    MSI GT60 Dominator Win7 x64 Core i7-4800MQ RAM 8G DDR3 SSD mSATA 120G*2 RAID0 + SSD mSATA 256G GTX 870M machine temperature is a little high if playing heavy 3D games

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