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The New Nvidia GTX 1070

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So guys, what's your thoughts on the new latest and greatest from Nvidia. According to benchmark results, posted by Nvidia on their official site and released at the conference, the GTX 1070 pulls slightly ahead of the Titan X, which is a pretty good feat. considering that it costs $359, will you guys be settling for this or the 1080?

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I currently have a 970 in my desktop and even though my monitor is 4k I mostly play stuff in 1080p so I'm not sure it's worth me upgrading quite yet. I'll keep up with the chatter and possibly move over to a 1080 and 4k resolution in a year or 2.

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I'm planning my new rig and was waiting for the GTX 1070, but pricing in € is just ridiculous. I will wait a few weeks for tests of custom designs and watch if the prices will drop after AMD Polaris is released.

Nonetheless there are any reliable tests of Polaris atm, I'm considering a Crossfire platform of two r9 480/480x or higher. I'm a fan of Nvidia and thought I would never buy AMD, but the additions (also for g-sync monitors compared to f-sync), if there is no benefit in performance, let me think of switching sides and invest the saved euros in an PCIe SSD or whatever... maybe some beers ;-).

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The $250 GTX 1060 is almost here. (July 19th) and still way more cheaper, more performance and more efficient than a 980.

But i guess i will go for the 1070 in the next couple of months, to see if theres any significant issues on the first build or not.

Founders Edition is as gorgeous as the Reference card design



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