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  1. Yes my ssd worked after the bios update with no changes made to the bios.
  2. I have noticed this with my AC 7260 as well, it will randomly disconnect too, not too often but it has happened a few times since I unlocked the bios and installed the card. Otherwise the card is very fast.
  3. Like Jnewton4444, I used the usb ports on the left and was able to flash the bios on my Y500 last night and I had no issues either. Have you tried a different brand usb drive? I was just looking at my Y500 bios settings and I saw a setting in the boot section that allows usb boot to be enabled or disabled, have you checked that on your laptop yet???
  4. Like odin2free said the ram is not on the white list, I upgraded mine too and the only item I had problems with was the AC7260 wifi, no issues at all with the memory or ssd's. Good luck!!!!
  5. No, it supposed to be less than 8 characters, dos will not recognize any names longer than 8 characters, it's an old dos limitation. I am an old dos expert which tells you that I am kinda old lol.
  6. svl7 - Awesome guide, I just unlocked my bios and I am now using my AC7260 wifi card!!!!! I sent you a small donation do you can buy a beer bro: Confirmation number: 7FW44146E43741253 I was not able to flash my 650m video card, I keep getting an error that the bios name needs the proper extension even though the file has the proper .rom extension and I renamed the file 650m.rom so it is less than 8 characters. This is not a big deal as I do not intend to overclock the video cards. Thanks for the excellent guide.
  7. Until I can get the AC7260 I am working on my Y500I been using a tp-Link AC450 usb wifi adapter, I just don't like having the dongle on the side of the laptop, even though it is a very small adapter but it works really well and is only $19.
  8. I got mine on Ebay for aroung $500 over a year ago and I been running a BP4 256Gig M-Sata ssd in mine for a few months which helped speed it up a bit, but I just replaced the super fast 5400RPM 1TB drive with a PNY 480Gig ssd that I got at Fry's for $109 and it just flies now The slow TB drive was slowing it down but now it is blazing fast and I also maxed out the memory with 16Gigs and that helped speed it up quite a bit too.
  9. I had bought my AC 7260 wifi card at Micro Center for $42 and was going to return it, but decided to keep it to see if I can eventually unlock my bios. I could also use it on my XPS1730 which is still fully functional after almost 10 years!!! and with some basic modding since the XPS1730 uses a full size wifi pci-e card.
  10. I was not aware that the 650GT which what my Y500 has supported 4k, I assume you simply connect it to the 4k tv using the display port connector. I am too interested to find out how the quality is, I do not own a 4k tv or monitor yet.
  11. Even though it may not do anything, I signed the petition too.
  12. I did the same and I am waiting to be promoted so I can get the bios to remove the whitelist, these laptop manufacturers are lame nickle and dimming us on a damm wifi card upgrade the 2233 wifi sucks man!!!!
  13. I had my Y500 for almost 2 years, I bought it from ebay with the 1TB HDD, but I installed my own MSATA ssd and a 480Gig ssd too and now I am using the 1TB drive as my backup drive in a hard drive enclosure. The laptop runs much faster with the 2 ssd's.
  14. Like others I would recommend replacing the cooling paste with some silver cooling paste and also getting a cooling pad. I had my Y500 for about 2 years and it never goes beyond 75c, I am also considering redoing the cooling paste on mine too just as part of doing maintenance on it since it is a bit old.
  15. Wow that is some awesome work man, excellent work!!!!
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