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  1. Looking to get help in modding my Lenovo Ideapad y50's BIOS to unlock the MSI Afterburner slider limits.

  2. Hey guys, does anyone have the spare time to mod my laptops BIOS so that I can remove the limit of the sliders in MSI Afterburner. So that I can go above a max of 135 on the core, have the voltage and power limit sliders unlocked etc. If it can be done for free, I would much appreciate it, and donate in the future when I get some money. If you can do the task, plz reply and I'll upload my BIOS backup to RGhost if that's the site you guys upload stuff to on this forum. Thanks in advance friends!
  3. Hey buddy, did you successfully unlock the Voltage, Power Limit and unlock the Core Clock slider? When I put the edited vBIOS back into my BIOS and flashed it again, the process was successful, but my clocks didn't change. How did your process go and did you encounter the same issue?
  4. Alright, my modded BIOS doesn't change anything apart from the BIOS version and features. It doesn't change my default clocks to the new ones I set, nor does it unlock any MSI Afterburner sliders. Here is my BIOS backup: http://rgho.st/7V9BhGhXJ Plz can someone unlock the advanced menu and/or the sliders in MSI Afterburner. I will be eternally grateful.
  5. Is it meant to say PDR and GBE Region doesn't exist after I execute the command to flash? All the processes after are successful, but my new clocks don't apply. Help?
  6. If the re-flash doesn't work for you, the putting the laptop to sleep part is crucial, do it for 10 seconds min
  7. Hey, thanks for this. Amazing explanation. So am I right in saying that once I do this, my voltage slider and power limit slider in MSI Afterburner will be unlocked? If not, how do I go about doing that?
  8. Sorry for wasting your time, I didn't know that you had to pay for the modded BIOS, I payed all the money I had, I understand that is not enough. So thanks for the help, I found it hard to even find a BIOS backup tool, so that was good help for free. I'll go off and find a way to mod and re-flash myself. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Never mind friend, I was successfully able to create a BIOS backup by directing the CMD window to the folder first, which I forgot to do :\ Anyways, how will I send you the file?
  10. Ok friend, I have found someone who links me to the tool that you want me to download. I placed it on my desktop, opened the Windows64 folder and launched fptw64.exe as admin, but when I press "Any key to enter" twice, the third time it says it the cmd window just closes. Any help? The error I get is: Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help. (Found in the log) but I cant fix this because when I type or press a key it just opens more options and quits eventually.
  11. Hey, is it possible if you can email it to me at [email protected] or something. I have done the 5 posts, and they are of good quality, not just spam. But I'm still not able to download the file.
  12. Hey guys, be sure to update to the latest Nvidia WHQL drivers, I can confirm they are stable and come without bugs. They are game ready for Forza 6: Apex, which you can download from the Microsoft game store that comes with your windows 8 or 10 software, its 100% free and it's the first game made widely available that uses Dx12. The performance-graphics ratio is pretty killer, old GPU's can manage High-Ultra settings with above 45 FPS all the time and it has adaptive graphics modes which change the graphics quality OTF to maintain the FPS target you set.
  13. If you guys are looking for affordable and powerful gaming laptops, that combine portability, power and cost. Then the Lenovo Ideapad Y series will probably appeal to you. They are fitted with a minimum of GTX 960m 4GB Graphics Cards, which overclock quite well (Unless you get REALLY unlucky like my friend, who's GPU crashes WITHOUT overclocking because it hits 98c :P) and a minimum of a Haswell processor (4720HQ clocked at 2.6Ghz and Turbo's to 3.6Ghz). They are lightweight, have a pretty good array of I/O, although if you're looking at 144Hz gaming off the laptop, you'd have to narrow down your Ideapad search to the y900, as the two former laptops do not come with any Video Output ports other than a single HDMI 1.4a, which doesn't support the bandwidth for 144Hz @ 1920x1080 res (Although it supports enough to get you 73Hz @ 1920x1080 and 129Hz @ 1024x768). They are really quick and the cooling, atleast on mine, is pretty spectacular for the form factor, at a pretty impressive (although I will push it much higher very shortly) overclock of +135 Core and +650 Memory on the GPU, the temps still stay within the 60's all the time, I haven't reached or gone above 70c ever, even in my longest gaming sessions (which I usually reach 68c in). Another good thing about these laptops is the fact that ALL of them come with built in JBL audio, it has a full bass on the bottom and 2 speakers to the sides of it. The sound quality is pretty astonishing for a laptop and definitely has a pretty loud max volume. The colour scheme is also appealing and pretty well thought out. Hope this tiny review and recommendation helps those of you who needed ideas for a new laptop.
  14. So guys, what's your thoughts on the new latest and greatest from Nvidia. According to benchmark results, posted by Nvidia on their official site and released at the conference, the GTX 1070 pulls slightly ahead of the Titan X, which is a pretty good feat. considering that it costs $359, will you guys be settling for this or the 1080?
  15. So guys, what's your thoughts on the new latest and greatest from Nvidia. According to benchmark results, posted by Nvidia on their official site and released at the conference, the GTX 1080 pulls more performance than SLI 980's. Pretty impressive, although keep in mind the benchmarks were done by Nvidia, so they could be fairly biased. Are you guys gonna buy it on release?
  16. I believe I read that I have to make 5 posts to download that file? So what does that mean, does it mean create a topic or reply to a topic?
  17. When I try and download the file, the page that opens up simply gives me an error: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 Great, this is exactly what I wanted, although I would've liked to be able to set my fan speed to reach 100% based on my cpu's temps (I.E. by 80c it should be at 100% fan speed). But that's fine, also don't worry, I'll just overclock with afterburner, thanks for the offer to bake in the clocks though. Can I download this backup software anyway else? It gives me an error on the page that opens up
  18. Also, quick question. By unlocking the BIOS, will I be able to overclock the GPU past the Nvidia limitations for laptop GPU's? This is what I would like to achieve, and do I still overclock in MSI Afterburner or can I set my clocks directly in the BIOS. Thank you for the fast replies pal
  19. Thank you kind sir for the offer, I would like to take you up on it. How do I go about backing up my BIOS? Is there any specific utilities I can use for it?
  20. Hey guys, sorry to revive an old thread. I too have a y50-70, but with an 860m gpu. My asic is 70.6 and my overclock is +135 core and +650 Memory and no overvolt, Max temps are 67c after long gaming sessions of battlefront Max settings. I wanna unlock the vBIOS. How do I go about extracting and editing it? Thanks in advance and if possible, can I change the fan speed target?
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