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  1. Sizzor

    any recommendation for a video card?

    These are the list of graphics card for1080p gaming may help.
  2. Black Friday is long way , cant say they will. As for the current price fluctuation by both AMD and Nvidia will be settled by then.
  3. Sizzor

    Flashing an RX 480

    Just change your clock speed to the BE one's . It will be much easier and will avoid the risk of bios corruption.
  4. I don't think so you need to upgrade , just go to your nvidia panel and manually select nvidia graphic for CS:Go in application settings. I think the game is using the iGPU instead of the discrete.
  5. Sizzor

    The New Nvidia GTX 1070

    The price of 1070 is gone above $400 waiting for the price to go down as the quoted MSRP of $350.

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