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  1. WakeUpLate

    Impossible to use Intel HD Graphics 3000 on MSI GT683

    Was it working on the original bios? You might want to go back to the original if it was. I'm not sure if the GT683 has a separate BIOS for AHCI or RAID, but if it does, make sure that the BIOS you flashed corresponds with that information. You could try an older driver version and run it in compatibility mode for Windows 8. Also might help if you are using a modified INF file to restart Windows in "disable driver enforcement" mode.
  2. WakeUpLate

    MS-16F2 w/GTX770m Need vBios Please Help!

    Also wanted to add that you need to make sure to disable driver enforcement in Windows 8/8.1/10 in order to do the install of modified INF files.
  3. WakeUpLate

    RUMOR - NVIDIA Will Power Nintendo NX Console

    Wow! Glad to see that nVidia is going to take a bigger interest in the console gaming market!
  4. WakeUpLate

    [vBIOS - MODS] MSI - Prema Mod™

    Thanks for making this vBios!
  5. Hi there, Been working on computers for over 10 years. This forum is great!
  6. Same. I'm still debating on whether to get the 1080 or 1070.
  7. WakeUpLate

    The New Nvidia GTX 1070

    If coming from an older card, like a 660, is it worth the extra money to go to a 1080 or is the 1070 going to be good enough for value/upgrade performance?
  8. WakeUpLate

    GTX 770m is happening sudden fps drop .

    Is the thermal paste applied properly? Have you given it time to set in?
  9. WakeUpLate

    NSA MSI backdoors

    I don't think there is a way to necessarily audit hardware for system security. If you are referring to the software, It's only as secure as the Operating system on it. Use Linux if you are concerned about security.
  10. WakeUpLate

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Does the GT70 Third Gen from the first page work with UEFI Bios, even though its flashed in DOS instead of an EFI?
  11. WakeUpLate

    MS-16F2 w/GTX770m Need vBios Please Help!

    The seller says it came out of a GT70, same model as mine. I actually was up all night and figured it out, holy smokes. The INF I had made was not working, so I downloaded a different modified one from laptop video and was successfully able to get it working. Now I need to flash the OC BIOS to the card and the mainboard as well.
  12. WakeUpLate

    new to here

    Woohoo! I am enjoying my time on this forum!
  13. WakeUpLate

    What movies have you seen lately?

    I recommend The Do Over on Netflix. Very funny.
  14. WakeUpLate

    MS-16F2 w/GTX770m Need vBios Please Help!

    I know this thread is kind of old, but I am doing the exact thing you are. Right now I'm having difficulty installing the card on Windows 10 as it only shows up as "Microsoft Display Adapter". Hopefully I can figure this out soon.
  15. WakeUpLate

    Nvidia GTX 1080m Speculation

    From what I have heard/read, the 1080M will fall between a desktop 980 and 980ti.

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