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computers done ! 120hz 980m 3940xm m14x r2 fan so happy

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So finally got my 980m in today and install was a breeze I've been fighting this 780m and turned out to be something wrong with the card. I'm now running the 980m on the 120hz screen it looks great ! 3940xm with m14 r2 fan modified to fit only had to remove one tab and slightly modify the other two flows great. If anyone needs help let me know.




The only wierd problem I have is fallout 4 is stuck at 30fps and on the 60hz was 60fps so not sure what's going on but I'll figure it out.

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13 hours ago, Unreall said:

NICE Work and anjoy ur beast :D

What do i Need to replace the fan ?

only the fan just plug and Play?

The fan is not p&p. you have to mod it, cut the tabs, and find a way to secure it.


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