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  1. Zoldago

    M17x R4 w/ GTX 765M Upgrade

    Usually you do not need a modified bios in the R4. Just disabled driver signature enforcement and a modified INF.
  2. It's not the same. 880M has a GK-104 Chip (Kepler) and 980M has a GM-204 Chip (Maxwell).
  3. Look here https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/files/file/68-uefi-fast-boot-secure-boot-gpu/
  4. Zoldago

    M14x R1 - BIOS A08 with SATA fix

  5. Zoldago

    M17X R3 memory detection

    What OS do you use?
  6. I just tried downloading M17X R4 & M18X R2 (Windows 8.1).zip and it worked.
  7. You'll need a 120Hz Display (that you dont have) and modded drivers. There's also some work to the chassis needed to get enough space to make the card fit.
  8. Zoldago

    need help to unlock m18x r1 bios to work with gtx 880m

  9. Yes ist my own mod, but it needs a lot of dremel work to the chassis. I made it before i get the red R4.
  10. Something like this? Maybe you wanna go on 5 Heatpipes on the GPU Heatsink.
  11. Have you noticed that you're talking about the GTX 980 (Laptop) and not about the GTX 980M? The GTX 980 (Laptop) has an extra power connector and needs some work to the bottom base like the GTX 1070. The GTX 980M has no extra power connector and fits without any work to the bottom base like the GTX 1060. They are both nearly plug and play and the GTX 980M is on place 39 on notebookcheck.
  12. You need a full UEFI installation , make the hardware-mod to the bottom base (see the pictures here) and maybe a hardware-mod to the heatsink to make the card suitable. Then you just need a driver mod and thats it.

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