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  1. Sorry can't help you with the fan issue. Connect it to an external display and then go to diagnostics, that's how I got mine working.
  2. The fan is not p&p. you have to mod it, cut the tabs, and find a way to secure it.
  3. Sorry about the late reply mate, did you find a solution? 3Dvision will not work with the internal display. However It DID WORK with an external 3D screen.
  4. It's very disgusting what's happening to the computer industry. We have one company controlling GPUs, other controlling CPUs, and OEMs who's only wish is cutting costs and filling their pockets. I won't hold my breath for AMD either, It's a lost cause brothers. Lost cause indeed. (4870x2 was my last AMD product, it performed great, doubling the E bill and almost setting the house on fire ) I SAY LET IT ROT/RUST. Desktop is the to go, until they start forcing BGA down our necks, and ditching standard/reference designs and extesnions. @Mr. Fox @J95 @ssj92 @Prema & other mates. My condolences guys, it's an outrage owning an ultra expensive machine that lost it's potential in less than a few months.
  5. I believe it's locked, so no editing. Copyright protected unless he grants you permission to modify it. Also, If you don't know much about vbios modding you could easily brick your GPU.
  6. Nope Always admired the concept of US muscle cars, enormous amounts of unshackled power like Clevos, and perhaps pre AW17/18 Alienware. I own a Mercedes E55 AMG, a muscle car from Europe, Wolf in sheep's clothing....
  7. As far as I know it's an issue with mobile Maxwell GPUs, Prema told me it has to do with MOSFETs reaching their limit. More over, the 980M was supposed to have 6 MOSFETs instead of 3. Max I could get was 1402Mhz where I was able to barley pass the Steam Oculus VR tool. Firestrike seemed more sensitive and black screened more frequently.
  8. Perhaps a 1970 Challenger? My R4 is stock black. Nothing to showoff. El cazador makes me want to get a Clevo and repaint/decal the sh*t out of it! Perhaps when they offer SLI desktop cards??
  9. 1- You have to download a driver with a modded inf. ->>> Since yours is a 120Hz display, get the PEG inf. 2- Disable driver signature enforcement , then install driver.
  10. Cheers mate, I don't know what Nvidia did this time but for me it's the best driver for my setup. Better than 352.84. OC'ing is more stable with this driver, temps are ~2°C cooler. Also both CPU/GPU fans quit on me, waiting for replacement
  11. I bought it from their website. Part number is 0Y90RR
  12. Nope, Plug & play, no modding, nothing. Just make sure to get an original adapter, got a fake/defective one from Amazon then I bought the original from DELL.
  13. My 240W PSU couldn't power the 3940XM + 980M for long sessions, the computer shut down on me also PSU would get very hot to touch. The 330W is great, huge OC potential.
  14. Is it constant 30Fps (capped/limited)? try changing vsync settings. If the fps keep going up & down then you have throttling. Report back.
  15. @J95 Found this http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/use-at-your-own-risk-widespread-bricks-nvidia-geforce-drivers-v364-72-findings-fixes.789930/ 364.72 causing bricks.
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