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  1. Then there's a good chance that the card is on its last legs if it's in the BIOS but not Device Manager. If you have the 60hz display on SG mode (Optimus) then you should see the Intel 4000 and 680M under Display Adapters. Without a driver the 680M will be called a Basic Microsoft Display Adapter, or something like that.
  2. If you have the unlocked BIOS then just check what video mode it is set on. Video config will be under the second Advanced Tab. If the 680M is Not Detected then it's possible that the BIOS is on iGFX mode for some reason. Either that or the card is dead. Make sure you don't make any changes in the BIOS unless you know what you're doing. A small change can make a big difference.
  3. Ok, good luck. Fingers crossed it's the CPU
  4. It will just be a matter of testing any way you can I guess. My garage is full of spare parts so it's easy to troubleshoot. If you physically pull the 680M and the screen is still distorted then you're left with the CPU or board. You could then try and grab a cheap i5 off ebay to see if it's the CPU. Unfortunately if it's the board then there aren't too many cheap options for replacement. Boards can still be quite expensive
  5. It really should only be either the LCD, CPU or GPU. I'm leaning towards the GPU as CPU's very very rarely have issues. Pulling out the GPU will help you find out. There is a chance that it is the motherboard as it is the connection between the CPU and GPU to the LCD. It could also be a display cable. When you replaced the display did you use the old cables or did the replacement come with some?
  6. He bought the parts off me and successfully did the upgrade. There is no need for chassis modifications with the standard MXM3.0b black 1070, the MSI 1070 is different though which is probably the one that you had. A 3D panel is preferred but not required as the 1070 works in SG mode with the 60Hz LVDS display. He had it working with the 60hz before switching to the 120hz. An Unlocked BIOS is not required with either display. The laptop will switch to PEG mode when the 120Hz display is installed and it's on SG mode as default for the 60hz display The heatsinks fit perfectly fine in the M17x R4 and M18x R2, no need to modify. Other than the need for a modified Nvidia driver, it's mostly Plug and Play.
  7. I haven't heard of anyone successfully getting the 900 series to work in the R3 due to BIOS restrictions. The best Nvidia option is the 780M (yes, stay away from the 880M). You can also try an AMD option. The R9 M290x (8970M) is probably stronger than the 780M these days due to continued driver support.
  8. Try pulling out the 680M to see if anything changes. If the dots go away then it's the 680M that is the problem. You can also try running the ePSA diagnostic (F12 during boot to get into the Boot Menu). This hardware test can pick up certain issues. If you want to force the dedicated card then you can try disabling the Intel 4000 graphics in Device Manager or you can flash the unlocked BIOS and set the video mode to PEG. This is the best way. To run the 980M you need to change the BIOS from Legacy to UEFI mode and disable Load Legacy Option ROM and Secure Boot. Then you will have to reinstall Windows because UEFI uses a different partition type on the drive and you'll get a 'no boot device found' message. The 980M will not work in Legacy mode.
  9. Hey mate, I see that you're in Australia, where about's are you? It will be hard to find a 1070 for a decent price. I have been tossing up whether I sell the one in my M18x though. There are also a few different types with the MSI GTX 1070 having a slightly different PCB layout and some case modification is required to get it to physically fit. All the other upgrades will be pretty easy. You just need to find a spare 120hz display and eDP display cables, you can't use the 60hz cables. I just happen to be parting out an R4 right now though. I have sold the motherboard, blue-ray drive and a few other pieces but I still have the 120hz display. It's almost impossible to remove the plexiglass to get to the panel so you really just need to get the whole display assembly, minus the soft-touch lid. If your lid is sticky then I can help you with that too. The spare lid I have is in decent condition. If your palmrest is the bit that is sticky then yeah you can just use a wrap or you can do a respray, which I have done a few times on the M17x and M18x palmrests. It's time consuming but it looks pretty good if done right. Here's an image on a white M17x I've done If you want to replace the palmrest then I'll see how good the spare one I have is. I was planning on putting all the parts I have on ebay soon. You have two 2.5" storage bays and also an mSata SSD slot. MSY has good prices on 2.5" SSD's but you'll have to go to eBay if you want to find an mSATA SSD.
  10. If you remove the driver then you should be able to see the details on GPU-Z. I replied to the Dell post before seeing this one. Most likely the card is faulty but it's remotely possible that a vBIOS flash could fix it. If you start doing this then you may not be able to return the card though.
  11. It's possible. I see a lot of people who have issues with the 980M. Just make sure that you have the BIOS set to UEFI with Load Legacy ROM and Secure Boot both disabled. Switching to UEFI means you have to reinstall Windows
  12. Hey mate. Did you make a post on the Dell community forum? I'm at work and I can't download/install programs on my work computer which means I can't mod a driver for you right now but I can help walk you through it. You can also read through this guide which should help out https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php First thing to do is use DDU in safe mode to completely remove any trace of an old driver Then download and attempt to install the latest Nvidia driver from their website Keep the failed installer open and go to your C: drive and find the NVIDIA folder Copy and paste this folder in the same C: drive directory. It will auto-name itself NVIDIA - Copy Close the installer and the original NVIDIA folder should disappear Go into the NVIDIA - Copy folder and navigate into the Display.Driver folder Scroll down and find the nvdmi.inf and open it up Scroll down and find the list of ID's and scroll down to the last one that starts with %NVIDIA_DEV.13D7 Make an empty space under this and paste this line in %NVIDIA_DEV.13D7.0550.1028% = Section045, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D7&SUBSYS_05501028 Scroll right down to the bottom of the .inf and find the list of Strings and find the last one that starts with NVIDIA_DEV.13D7 Make an empty space under this and paste this line in NVIDIA_DEV.13D7.0550.1028 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M" Save the .inf and exit and close the NVIDIA - Copy folder Hold SHIFT while clicking on Restart Once it restarts go to; Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Startup Settings - hit restart on the screen Select Option 7 to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Once it restarts go to the NVIDIA - Copy folder and go into the International folder. Scroll down and double click on the Setup.exe and the driver will start installing If it works then you'll be greeted with a warning. Accept it and you're good to go!
  13. Yes make sure the BIOS is set to pure UEFI which means switching from Legacy to UEFI and then disabling the Legacy Option ROM and Secure Boot. If you were set to Legacy before then the card shouldn't even work at all so maybe you have UEFI but not a few of the other options disabled. and yes, you will need to mod the .inf for newer drivers. Here is a guide that I originally used to learn how to do it. https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php One extra thing you need to do is first run the installer from Nvidia and let it fail. DO NOT close the failed installer but instead go to your C: drive and find the NVIDIA folder. Copy this and paste it in the same C: drive. It will auto-name itself NVIDIA - Copy. Now close the installer and the original NVIDIA folder should disappear and you'll be left with the copied folder that you can modify. Once you've learned how to do the modification to the .inf then do don't forget to disable driver signature enforcement directly before attempting to install the modified driver or it will fail again. Hold SHIFT and click Restart. Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Startup Settings Click Restart Press option 7 to restart with Driver Signature Enforcement disabled Go to the International folder of the NVIDIA - Copy folder and double click on the Setup.exe
  14. It is probably based on Swick's version but I do not believe his has the 900 support. Yes, it works fine with Windows 10. It is actually buried in the M18x R2 unlocked BIOS thread as it was posted by another user so it isn't the one that's in the first post on that thread. If you read through the whole thread then you'll find it.
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