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  1. The 120Hz display requires a dedicated Nvidia GPU. It will not work on the integrated graphics. You will most likely get a beep code error
  2. MattyB

    m17x r4 980m Low performance

    I don't know about the system shut-off issue but the M15x/M17x/M18x can power throttle with the 900 and 1000 series cards. The trick I was taught was to go into your unlocked BIOS and set the machine to iGFX and reboot, then go back into the BIOS and set it to SG/PEG again and reboot. This works for my M18x R2 with a 1070.
  3. Holy Moley! I've never seen that thing before. Jeezus
  4. Awesome. My first Alienware was back in 2011 with an M17x R3 and shortly after I got my first M11x R3. I still have a picture of them side by side the day I got the M11x. The size difference was pretty funny. Then I got my first M18x R2 and it was David VS Goliath but poor David never had a chance. At one stage I had an M11x, M14x, M15x, M17x and M18x. I think I have a picture of them all lined up side by side somewhere.
  5. Wow $100 is a great deal! I got mine for $220AUD which is about $150USD but they are very rare down here so they are usually worth around the $400AUD mark. I used to have the small briefcase for it. I remember it being a really tight fit. I will try to keep mine but if I get a good offer I will let it go. You have 6 posts so you should be able to download the file once they see it and upgrade your account. Hit them up.
  6. MattyB

    Is my Alienware 17 strange?

    You need to mod the inf before you can install the driver. You will keep getting an error if you try to install directly from Nvidia. Modding the inf is a little tricky the first time but it isn't too hard if you find a good guide. Also, your machine is the 17 R1 (or sometimes called the M17x R5 in some countries). The 17 R4 was released with the 1000 series cards and they are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be swapped out. You don't really have a 'strange set-up' as many people have upgraded these machines but the 970M is only slightly stronger than the 780M so most go for the 980M or 1060/1070 these days.
  7. I used to have a few M11x's but sold them all a few years ago. I only just managed to get my hands on one again but a few bills have come up so I'm probably going to have to sell it. The wife wasn't happy when she found it in the cupboard last week. Apparently I'm not good at hiding things. I never got a chance to swap the HDD out for an SSD or install the unlocked BIOS. I may run out and put a cheap 240gb SSD in her before selling. It's still running A04 I believe. It's in perfect condition. It's the Nebula Red with i7 2617M and 2GB 540M. I did install the unlocked A05 on one of my old machines years ago but I never messed around with it. They are great machines but limited to how much power you can unleash from them. The bigger machines with extreme CPU's are better with the unlocked BIOS'.
  8. I have an i7 R3 with Windows 10 installed. It doesn't seem to have an issue so far. Unfortunately I'll have to sell it soon though. Also, yes, you will need a new motherboard to upgrade to the i7. The good thing is you should also get the 2GB 540M. I can't remember exactly but I think the i5 usually came with the 1GB card.
  9. MattyB

    m17xR3 A10 unlocked BIOS Briked

    Remove the power, battery and CMOS battery and then bridge the CMOS battery pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver. This will reset the BIOS. If you still have a problem then you have a bigger issue. Also, try the forum at Notebookreview.com as it's still very active over there.
  10. MattyB

    M18x R2 - 880M install issues

    I bridged the CMOS pins and reset the BIOS so I'm all good now. The 880M looks to be dead unfortunately, unless there's another reason I'm only getting beep codes when switching to PEG.
  11. Hey guys. I know there aren't many of us around still using the M18x but I'll give it a try here anyway. I've had my old girl for a long time and 5-6 years ago I put dual 780M's in it without an issue. Earlier this year I got a cheapish 880M off eBay and I was going to put it in my old M17x R3 but couldn't get it to work so tonight I decided to try it in the M18x. I flashed the unlocked BIOS, removed my 780s and shoved the single 880 in there. I set it to PEG and restarted but now I'm just getting 5 beeps. I've tried to do a few power drains with and without the CMOS battery and holding down the FN key but no dice. I have also tried booting with no card and also with one of the 780s. I'm just wondering what to do now so I can get back into the BIOS and if I ever do, what can I do to get this 880M working. Cheers. EDIT: It's still running Windows 7
  12. It may be a motherboard issue then. It's hard to say. Are you running the latest BIOS?
  13. Decided to dust off the old R3 and give it a new paint job for the wife.
  14. A 7 beep code points to a CPU error. If it is booting slowly as well then it sounds like the CPU is failing. You can try to run a Pre-boot assessment which runs through and tests all your hardware. I think you press F12 while booting and it should take you to the boot menu where you can select the assessment. Other than that you can try to grab a cheap compatible CPU and see how you go. Even though 7 beeps is a CPU error, it could be another part.
  15. MattyB

    Alienware M18XR2 & 980m

    Thanks for that. Once I pull the trigger I will definitely be looking for some help. I have upgraded a few machines but this one looks to be the most complicated and I have never done a vBios before and I hear it needs to be done with the SLI 980M's.

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