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M17X R4 - speaker problems


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I bought a alienware m17x r4 a few weeks ago. The problem is: I have noise (distorsion) on the right speaker. Had anybody in past the same problem and is it a known problem regarding this model? I feared at the beginning that the soundblaster is defect but I tested it with headphones and everything is fine. I already ordered a new speaker pair and will install it within the next weeks.


But if you tell me that this problem is known and not resolvable I can save my effort.

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Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?

Configuring the EQ in the sound blaster settings?

If you've tried that and the headphone and left speaker sound is working as it should, then I'd say it might be just the right speaker which is defective. 



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Yes, I reinstalled the drivers and took the newest version.


Mysterious is: I bought another M17X R4 with a graphic problem (as a project for repairing). And what can I say: This laptop has the same problems regarding the speakers: noise (distorsion) an both speaker in this case. I have the feeling that this is a general problem. OK, two of a model is not representive but it's strange that both M17X R4 have problems with the speakers. 


I will replace the speakers within the next two weeks and will see what happened. But I fear the problem will not be solved...

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I also bought my M17X R4 with a GPU issue, Solder issue which I revived it using the oven bake method, Although it's temporary.


If you end up replacing the speakers and it doesn't fix the issue, then it would be a sound card issue.


Have you run the Dell ePSA diagnostic utility? It will detect most problems.

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Yes, I've run it and it showed no errors except that I got noise and distorsion as I run the speaker test. :D


Maybe it's a problem with the creative sound chip. I've read that it could be possible that the external sound is correct although the internal is faulty. :(

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