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  1. Results: Just posting this here for safe keeping... time to reboot. Wish me luck... Good news! That did the trick! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thanks! Should I use non modified drivers or should I do the inf mod? I'll try it as soon as I get home.
  3. Thanks, but unfortunately I'm still getting the same Code 43 error. Just to clarify, I did try other versions of drivers (365.10 and 372.54) with the same results. This is very strange to me that 352.84 works fine but nothing else does. Is there any risk involved with flashing a Dell VBIOS? I'm getting this and it's making me nervous
  4. Thanks Klem. It seems to have done the exact same thing as before. What I did exactly (nothing more and nothing less) is: Run backup.bat - got backup.rom file Run flash.bat - got success message saying changes will take effect after reboot I rebooted, then rebooted again into safe mode Ran DDU to remove current drivers and rebooted Installed drivers 398.36 from NVidia with no modifications (I didn't touch the inf file) I'm still getting the "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" error
  5. Here's the VBIOS as obtained through GPU-z https://drive.google.com/file/d/1151CXDkrjitb-h8QU6Mp8gMSryQ0TSrp/view?usp=sharing Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I'm still getting the same results with newer drivers (or seemingly anything other than 352.84)
  7. No worries, thanks for all the help! I at least have a functional graphics card now even if the drivers are old. I'll keep trying things and if I can make it work I'll post what I did.
  8. Not successful. Here's the results: That's with 398.36 with the INF you provided me.
  9. Unfortunately still the same results I'll keep testing things out and see if I can figure out what's going on. Thanks again for all your help!
  10. I definitely agree it's weird and could be 100% my fault. This is where I got it: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/84891/en-us Here's my .inf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zXQ4GZdZVcisrrSyH-QrII0-NQlFDwqD/view?usp=sharing Also, interesting to note, the newer drivers don't give an incompatible message like the old drivers do. EDIT: I'll also mention that I was able to play games on the 980m and they performed pretty much as expected. So it's definitely fully functional. Just need to figure out how to get newer drivers on there now I'm about to try driver 372.54. I wish there was a convenient way to search old drivers. EDIT: No luck. I'm highly suspicious of my inf modding skills.
  11. Well, I decided to just start installing drivers one at a time going backwards and I found success. Driver 352.84 installed fine. I still gotta do some testing, but my next step is gonna be roll forward to current and see if it stays working. EDIT Installing current drivers broke it again. Going back to 352.84 for the moment.
  12. I'm following that guide right now, so we'll see the results. I figured I'd try to flash Dell VBIOS just to see what would happen. I created the DOS bootable flash drive, enabled SG, integrated graphics, switched to legacy mode, tried to run NVFLASH and it says there's no NVIDIA device in the computer. So I'm a little bit confused about what I should to make this work given I have to flash it under Legacy mode and it can't be detected unless it's on UEFI
  13. Should I be running DDU between each attempt at installing drivers? Ah... Same results with Section 153 and Section 154. Since this Windows installation was initially done with Intel and NVidia both enabled, I'll try a fresh install with only the 980m enabled to see if it makes any difference. Also, is there a possibility I would need to flash a new VBios? Or any stock clevo one should work? I know the seller of the card mentioned something about Premamod, so I'm not sure if the BIOS on this GPU is stock or not.
  14. Installing with testmode yielded the same results. I tried enabling Legacy and hitting reboot, now I get 8 beeps. I'm questioning whether I hit the wrong button on accident... Gotta throw my old GPU in there and set it back now
  15. This is an indication that I've done it right, correct? Should I just enabled the Legacy ROM or completely disable UEFI?
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