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Skylake Undervolt

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Since I cant be sure since i dont have any references from the internet, but i think i finally hit the silicone jackpot! Since our i7-6700hq couldn't be overclocked anyways i thought i might as well undervolt it and lower the temps of it. And before i knew it BOOM! -200mV undervolt "Stable" (I'm still in the process of stress testing it). Like i said at the begining im not sure if its an amazing undervolt but i think its pretty good. Before undervolt it was around 82 degrees C on load now its a cool 60 degrees C. A 20 degree decrease! So current its running at around 0.835 V. Oh and the system I'm running is the Sager NP8657 (Clevo P650RE3)



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Great results man, I love how far Skylake undervolts.  I found I am stable down to -180mV, it seems -185mV and below causes crashing fairly quickly when underload in games like BF4.  Still though I am extremely happy with my undervolt, and like you said it shaves off good amounts of heat.  


Now I just want to figure out how to set the overclocking profile in my ME firmware so I can gain control over setting a higher BCLK.  I am able to flash the ME firmware.  However I think I need my own full ME firmware, and then need to extract that into Intel FIT and then mod it and flash it.  

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