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  1. Great results man, I love how far Skylake undervolts. I found I am stable down to -180mV, it seems -185mV and below causes crashing fairly quickly when underload in games like BF4. Still though I am extremely happy with my undervolt, and like you said it shaves off good amounts of heat. Now I just want to figure out how to set the overclocking profile in my ME firmware so I can gain control over setting a higher BCLK. I am able to flash the ME firmware. However I think I need my own full ME firmware, and then need to extract that into Intel FIT and then mod it and flash it.
  2. I have the ability to flash my ME firmware. I am attempting to set the overclocking profile to turned on rather than standard which maxes BCLK out at 100mhz in XTU and cannot be upped. I want to gain control over this to attempt to get a slight overclock on my Dell Inspiron with i5 6300HQ. Can anyone guide me on how to complete this? I've been attempting to mod with FIT but cannot build an image. I think what I need is my actual ME firmware from my own laptop, but for some reason cannot extract this and get it to load in FIT. Anyone?
  3. What is the problem? I've also done the same thing to my Dell Inspiron with GTX 960m 4GB. I changed the stock and boost clocks and then implemented those changes back into the system BIOS through the option rom as you have shown. However, when I go to flash the new system BIOS with AFU I cannot because it isn't signed by Dell. Anyone know a way around this? At the moment I have a very cool running gtx 960m at +135core and +200mem, but wish to go farther on the core overclock because I don't break 70C on GPU even in GPU intensive games. The cooling on this laptop is great.
  4. Hey SVL7 any chance of getting you to unlock the vBIOS for my Dell Inspiron 960m card? I would like to push the core beyond the intel +135mhz limit as my temps are great currently and I think this card has much more potential waiting to be used. I am willing to donate or compensate you for your time. I've never flashed a non-mxm card, but I'm sure you could provide me with a few easy steps. Thanks!
  5. Is the 970m really safe at 1.2v? Stock is what 0.9v? I'm sure they underrvolted and under clocked the cards potential so they could save performance for Maxwell refresh but still how safe is it? At 1.0v for my Clevo 6GB 970m I am about 67-68C with 200mhz overclock on both memory and core. If I up to 1.050v I'm around 72C but can run 300/200.
  6. That is good news! How far have you pushed the voltage? I am tempted to reflash the unlocked voltage control again and push it today haha. I flashed back to an MSI 970m vBIOS. I think MSI uses a lower stock voltage than the clevo vBIOS and its still fully stable even at max stock OC of +135mhz core, and with lower temps due to lower voltage.
  7. Yes the card works fine with the unlocked vBios on the GT60. The 880m is a crap card compared to the 970m. Coming from my 780m to the 970m the performance increase was felt and real. The 880m isn't much faster because it's the same card with slightly higher clocks and definitely runs at ridiculous temperatures. Overclock the card on the stock Clevo vBios +135mhz core and see if that's stable. I can run the MSI or Clevo vBios all day at +135mhz while gaming and it's never crashed even once in any game. Sometimes I'll overclock the memory 100-200mhz and is also fully stable. With the unlocked vBios on my GT60 I was able to push +235mhz overclock with a slight voltage increase. I'm sure it can go much further as I still had not hit 1.0 volts, but decided to stop since I don't need it running that fast yet. Another good thing about our GT60s is that they don't throttle at all. My clocks never leave full boost on this unlocked or either Clevo or MSI stock vBios. I'm not sure why the Alienware laptops are throttling. We have Optimus and it never throttles. Maybe MSI got the Optimus right as I've never had an issue with GPU throttling and I monitor temps and clocks in game with OSD.
  8. Thank you to both of you for all of your hard work and dedication to this community. Where is the tip jar? What exact does the power limit slider effect? I understand the voltage offsets, but not sure exactly what the power limit does and how its effected by the limit I impose. I assume 100% is stock.
  9. Maxwell or not, the 860m is not even close a GTX 780m. You can overclock your 860m all day, and the 780m will also overclock and stomp an 860m. You don't get high end performance from a midrange card simply by overclocking.
  10. Those pictures look suspiciously like my photos! I hope you guys do the mod soon. I want others to join in on the GT60/70 upgrade party! Next stop we need to get svl7 to unlock those maxwell 970/980m vBios! This +135Mhz limit is killing me. I know this card has some ridiculous potential.
  11. I don't know if this is a long shot or has been tried or suggested, but have you considered trying to flash the card with MSI vBios since they are known to work on Clevo cards. Maybe an MSI non-Optimus vbios that the MSI GT72 uses might work?
  12. This is sad. I just upgraded my MSI GT60 (780m version) with a Clevo 970m 6GB card. Plug and play after a tiny mod to my existing heatsink. Which vbios version do you have?
  13. I did the upgrade today.. Its a simple tiny modification to the heatsink needed. See my post here. The Official MSI GT60/70 970m/980m Upgrade Thread I have provided pictures and links on how to complete the upgrade.
  14. Have you tried to remove both battery, power supply, and let the laptop sit for a few minutes? What about what others have suggested about resetting bios to default and then selecting one option at a time to try and get it to work? I just feel like its a driver or bios issue holding you back here. The card surely works if you're able to game and bench while using HDMI, display port etc. I'd say you're just missing something, and it's probably something stupid.
  15. Also requesting an MSI GT60-2OD 4th Gen Haswell unlock.
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