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  1. Is there a bios mod for the P751DM2? If so what does it unlock?
  2. Evening, I own a Clevo P751DM2-G with a 7700k and for a while now i've been having issues with Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility. Everytime I run the program it states that there is a newer version on the Microsoft store and then continues to load. However once loaded it doesn't show the package temp, max core feq, core count or and of the other overclocking features. I've checked the Microsoft store and the Intel website and the version I have is the latest and the utility isn't even on the Microsoft store to download. Any advice would be great.
  3. I bought a Rift for a project our company is working on at the moment in the commercial space but I have had a bit of time now to use it personally and the results are mixed. Personally I think the experiance is good but needs some work. Pixel density on the Rift is noticable for me, images just aren't as clear as I'd want them to be but i'm really fussy like that. However the expirence on the Rift I find amazing, the headset is light and the controllers are easy to use and the whole system feels solid. There is still the issue of having a cable run to your computer or laptop but you get used to it and as far as i'm aware Oculus won't be introducing an adapter simular to Hive anytime soon. Overall it is great fun and something different, playing some games are so emersive that you forget that you're in a room with four walls. I would recommend anyone to try it anyday, the only advise I would give to anyone is make sure you have a strong GPU to support it. Yes most GPU's say that they're VR ready but even on my system with a 7700k and a GTX 1070 I noticed that frame rates did drop to 45FPS in some games and scenes which is enough to make you feel uneasy during gameplay.
  4. You'll have to use software like MSI Afterburner to underclock a gpu but i'm not sure if the GT750M is supported.
  5. 500 games?! How many have you played? I only have 127 which seems small in comparison, I'll have to start boosting my numbers in the sales.
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