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  1. Can I ask a question? The bios for white book MS-16F1 will work for MSI non raid GX660 any variant??, Because in the bios states also MSI Gx660 has decsription MS-16F1 also.. i'm wonder if it can do or will work also ??? Plss answer, im afraid of flash the whitebook MS-16F1 on my GX660 because it might beick the bios
  2. I bought a spi flasher programmer with alligator clips, the things is that where i can or someone provide a full copy/clone bios just like mine alienware 13 r1
  3. Can somebody help me with my Alienware 13 2015 model with i7-5500u & gtx 960m, i’’m requesting for a full clone bios dumped... the technician didnt backup the original broken bios, it was bricked because of common alienware fault of software bios update. It freezes/hang the laptop and doesnt do anything, even if you waited for atleast 5hrs hoping that i would successfuly updated it by itself... can some body here provide me a full clone dumped of my same specs alienware 13 r1 laptop bios, so it can bootup properly... im very sorry for my english, i’m not good at it
  4. Nevermind i just figure it out, when you added a second drive, raid mode config will enable itself after the bios bootup
  5. Can I ask a question? Xonars unlock bios working on my GT780R but icant seems to get raid mode configuration to setup the raid? No popup just like the other press ctrl+i or ctrl+h to config raid after boot screen... pls help
  6. Yeah you're Right, i red a articles regarding same situation as me, the fact about why it was not working. it was only working only on a specified laptop, like mine it was HP laptop Elitebook 8560w... theres no way to get it work on windows oS platerform, but on linux they said they can make it work the wifi lan card.. unless why youve said earlier if we can make it flash the firmware of Intel Wi-FI card from HP OEM to intel OEM i think, correct me if im mistaken
  7. i dont know how to make it work the wifi card itsfrom my hp 8560w broken motherboard, i salvage some parts like wifi card
  8. I realy wanted to Upgrade my Wi-Fi Lan card from old and low quality Realtek RTL8723 AE. w/ the Intel Ultimate N 6300 AGN, I can provide you the PCI ID via Screenshots.. Hopefully u can help to make it work sir Realtek RTL8723 AE Wi-Fi Lan Card PCI ID: https://mega.nz/#!TxhQgJhI!6tmIOdoI4268_JcvpDqo0W0_5mpEHNjgBRneDkbBVv8 Intel Ultimate N-6300 AGN Wi-Fi Lan Card PCI ID: https://mega.nz/#!n05A2JJJ!Z8_Ne5gyLUomuZDWIngOawM3BPWVy2v1UFvaxW5Q5PI
  9. Maybe it still needs whitelist removal for it to work? what do you think sir?
  10. @ bossing Prema, THank you Very much sir, BIOS UPDATE Works!!!, i flash the EC 1st then the bios itself, but its still the same issue on my wifi Lan card on "Intel Ultimate-N 6300 AGN" on device manager it detecs the hardware but theres a device status and an error code saying " This device cannot start. (code 10) click this link for the actual picture; https://mega.nz/#!GtJjUbQK!ijtQLwaWsP7hYIQfc9E1T01MR2ty9QkxnIE0Deex3t0
  11. Not working it gave me an error message says: when i did the DOS Boot and type flashme.bat Platform ; Intel (R) HM76 Express CHipset Reading HSFSTS register.... Flas h Descriptor: Valid --- Flash Devices Found -- SST25VF016B ID:0xBF2541 size: 2048KB (16384KB) SST25VF032B ID:0xBF254A size: 4096KB (32768KB) PDR Region does not exist. GBE Region does not exist. Error 25: the host CPU does not have write access to the target flash area. To enable write access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.
  12. hello everyone! can somebody who are kind and intrested on removing whitelist for my Clevo Laptop Rebrand NEO ELAN From the Philippines.. i used the Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0 to backup the current bios.. the bios was so special, even the on the clevo download website they doesnt have any download links Complete Bios Information, Clevo co. Mainboard Info, PCI ID's of the old and new WWAN w/ pictures and the BIOS Backup ROM the link provided below: https://mega.nz/#F!Xk4zUarC!SJCzwIPEDvM4glC8nJOu4A BIOS: American MegaTrends, Inc 4.6.5.rom Laptop Rebrand Name: NEO Elan From The Philippines Mainboard : CLEVO CO. W250ENQ / W270ENQ Chipset: NorthBridge : Intel Ivy Bridge; SouthBridge : Intel HM76 Original Wi-Fi Card (Realtek RTL8723AE) only 2.4ghz and suck realtek bluetooth Vendor: 10EC Device: 8723 SUBSYS: 072610EC&REV_00 this is i wanted to replace (Intel Ultimate N 6300 AGN) Vendor: 8086 Device: 4238 SUBSYS: 11118086&REV_3E
  13. i cant download the file Xonar status is retired how can he authorize me to download the file? @Klem Thank You Sir ADMIN EDIT: READ THE RULES!
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