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  1. Hi guys! I actually decided to finish my modding work on my old G46VW during some time of my vacation (making it my TV and emulation box), so far I finished drilling vents for GPU and CPU fans, I will also mod a double pipe heatsink to complement this. Now to the best part, I managed to get hold of a full 8MB dump for my system, which also happen to have the ME Descriptor unlocked (write). @Khenglish I wonder if you or anyone else with the experience would be able to help me modify my ME region dump to enable BLCK overclocking? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vb15od3j97skns/G46VW_MODPJB_ME_UNLOCKED.zip?dl=0 Your help is greatly appreciated! EDIT: OK cool, I finally found my way through the tutorial. It's a pleasure to announce that I managed to unlock the BCLK! (A shy 4.6% OC, I'll take it!) Here is my contribution to the final version of the unlocked G45VW V210 BIOS that Klem and ModJPB and many other has contributed to: My final version contains the following: MODJPB BIOS as base (GTX 660M OC etc) ME FW 8.1 Unlocked flash descriptor Unlocked BCLK (reference clock) Thanks everyone!
  2. @Klem& @ModJPB I have removed and dumped my BIOS/chip now, but I just cant't figure how to unlock the ME region descriptor like you did with the one I found @ModJPB, any chance you would share yours or show me how to do that? EDIT1: Never mind, I to unlock the flash descriptor this post from @blowntaha. EDIT2: Found this BIOS dump floating around and it seems to have the ME descriptor unlocked (!) when disassembling it so I flashed it and desolder and swapped BIOS chip. EDIT3: Yes, a full 8MB FPT dump can now be achieved! EDIT4: Alright, I finally managed to unlock the BCLK! I followed the steps in the documentation regarding 'ICC DATA' linked in the post here by @Khenglish. So finally, here is my contribution to unleash the power of the G46VW, better late than never? My final version contains the following: The MODJPB G46 BIOS as base (all updates and GPU OC) ME FW Unlocked flash descriptor Unlocked BCLK (reference clock) Download here, ENJOY ! @ModJPB I suggest adding it to the first post for those who plan to flash the BIOS, btw I used a EZD2010 for mine. Not too shabby https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/27822712 @ha1o2surferYou might be interested in pushing a 104.6MHz BCLK and break some records with your golden sample CPU
  3. @ModJPB I'm sorry to hear that, it'll make a great media player for your living room in that condition though I actually tried doing that but whenever I chose "custom" it just reverted back to default for some reason. I'm now determined to lower the heat output from the CPU while overclocking by lowering the vcore, so I ordered some bios chips to flash. Since your version of the bios has served me well is there any chance you could point me in the right direction to make a replica of yours, but with the me flash descriptor unlocked? Thanks for your help!
  4. @ModJPB Hi dude, It seems like I'm checking in once a year or so =) I actually flashed your BIOS mods, disassembled my G46VW, lubricated the fan rods, made an CPU air-intake + dust filter and put some liquid ultra between GPU and CPU. I never thought I'd actually bust this out from the closet for daily use again! The sounds levels are audible but more of a nice *swooshy* sound now. Here is a pic (I might do this for the GPU as well): @Klem Now to my questions: 1.Do you guys have any good tutorial for flashing the BIOS + Unlocked ME BIOS with a hardware flasher? I have no problem soldering on wires for access points or even remove the bios chip. @ModJPB 2. I never figured out how to enable memory overclocking in BIOS, how did you go about doing that?
  5. @ModJPB Hi buddy! Long time no see. I just wanted to see whats new since last time we talked, remember we were trying to unlock the ME-region for flashing, did you ever manage to do that? I stil have my good ol G46VW sitting in my closet, it's a bit noisy for my taste, do your BIOS solve anything regarding noise? Many questions I know =)
  6. Hi! Thanks for checking this out. I remember now that when I f-ed up my BIOS before it didn't want to recover from my new SSD, only from my original HDD (that came with the system). In these scenarios I used the same file with that filename (G46VW.BIN in caps). I wonder why it would only work for the original one though? (It is suppose to start up "EZ-flash" after a while) Oh, yes as @Arise said, keep an SPI programmer near by just in case. I do have a feeling this might actually work. EDIT1: Several people said that the ALT-key many times get ignored and had a successful EZ-boot after 10-20 tries, this was probably what happened to me too and made me think only the original drive would work. EDIT2: EZ-flash might even be accessible through the regular BIOS setup too? I don't have my system near so I can't check
  7. Cool, thanks Klem! Gonna test my programmer setup and make a couple of full 8MB dumps and compare the checksum. I'll report back when I had the time, hope fully tonight!
  8. Hmm. This sounds very interesting! Could you remember what setting you changed for unlocking the descriptor? I'll probably also test with a programmer. So you didn't desolder the chip or programmed it on spot? EDIT: I remember testing and faling this with my unlocked BIOS once (Advanced -> Me FW Image Re-flash -> Enable)
  9. Hi buddy! Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is since the flash descriptor is locked on G46VW and can (supposedly) be unlocked, by writing an "emergency flash" with customized edited HEX of the ME region, I need to write a full 8MB BIOS or 2MB ME at least. I want to unlock the flash descriptor so that I can adjust the BLCK and undervolt the CPU. I hope it makes sense.
  10. Thanks for testing @ModJPB! I think the only way to unlock the flash descriptor (by software) and flash the ME region is by utilizing the "BIOS emergency recovery" -method (changing those HEX), as stated in blowntaha's post earlier. For our system you have to put the BIOS under C:\ and rename it G46VW.BIN and turn off the system, then HOME (hold) + CTRL (hold) and Power (push once) When it's booting up, keep holding HOME + CTRL, and it should look for the BIOS and "recover" your system. If you're willing to test it, please report back. Thanks again! EDIT: Make sure you made the HEX changes in the earlier post. We need to unlock the flash descriptor in order to change stuff such as voltage and BLCK for the CPU and system.
  11. Hi there!
    I think we spoke recently at Techinferno.
    With your modded BIOS, is the ME region still locked away or are you able to undervolt/overvolt your CPU in BIOS or via intel XTU? If not, then I have something really interesting for you to check out that might give us the possibility to unlock the ME region =)


    Problem is this, I know too little about BIOS modifications, but I do know that with those last 2MB for the ME region (a full 8MB dump of BIOS) we can do some really nice things. I stumbled up on a full dump from a Chinese source, I've compared the HEX in this dump and found that the majority of the file matches ASUS V210 BIOS. This , for me at least, indicates that this actually could be a legit BIOS for our system.


    I'm currently active in this thread on techinferno where we discuss this matter, but I need your help for this. 
    Please read my post!


    Imagine being able to lower the overall temps in the system by undervolting the system and at the same time push the BLCK slider for OC. 

  12. I'd love to hear some input on my previous post. The 8MB BIOS dump is very very rare to find for my system afaik. I'd need some guidance, maybe I could include the ME region of the 8MB BIOS in the official 6MB BIOS?
  13. Thanks for your elaborate answer! I fully agree on that the system need some extra air . I'd monitor the system very careful after cutting those holes though, "the flow" of air from intake to outake can be heavily degraded, which can lead to overheat of other components. I must ask, you're are not by any chance able to undervolt your CPU at this point?
  14. Whoa, nice info! I stumble up on a supposedly full 8MB BIOS dump from a Chinese website that states it's for the G46VW. This 8MB BIOS actually contained: 5A A5 F0 0F 03 00 04 Further down (as expected) it also contained: 00 00 0B 0A 00 00 0D 0C 18 01 08 08 Q: Since I'm not really sure if this BIOS is safe to flash, how can I examine it to be (more) sure, maybe someone with more experience could have a look at it? @Khenglish @Klem @timohour @Tech Inferno Fan @ModJPB @blowntaha I'll have to admit I'm a bit exited now! 8MB BIOS (my dropbox) 6MB BIOS V210 (ASUS) EDIT1: I've now compared the 8MB BIOS with the latest official G46VW v210 BIOS, the BIOS share a lot of common parts. I don't know how to go from there, my investigations are purely speculative. EDIT2: I guess pulling the 2MB ME part of the full dump (ME seem to be 2MB of the beginning of the file) and concat it to an official ASUS BIOS would an idea?
  15. Hi, first of all I must say nice work buddy! The absolute biggest question for me is how you move all that extra heat out of your system after overvolting & overclocking GPU and CPU? My G46VW has never been close to move sufficient heat from my stock 660M + 3740QM during high load, not w/o throttling. Did run my CPU at some extra multipliers but that wasn't really healthy temp wise.
  16. Have you yet tried inactivate the dGPU in BIOS to see if your system will accept your eGPU as primary card? EDIT: Sorry assumed you had an iGPU as fallback
  17. Hello guys & gals! Since I've been out of the eGPU game for over a year I was thinking that it's time to sell of my stuff. The most desirable hardware I own would probably be the Thunder2Box (unmodified) along with PE4L 2.1b / EXP GDC / and more. Should I make a sales thread for this @Tech Inferno Fan and if so, where do I do it? This doesn't mean I wont be lurking around in the forums now and then, this is still a very existing subject to me and I the community will continue to grow! I'd also like to thank Nando for all interesting discussions over the years, it's been a blast! I'm looking forward to come back with a new implementations in the future =) EDIT: Dammit, reading all these new implementation threads makes me wanna implement something new =)
  18. @Tech Inferno Fan Sounds cool! It's hard to read the print on the TB2 chip though. Has anyone manage do it?
  19. I haven't really solved the issues yet, I changed to an ATX PSU atm. I might do some modifications to the TB-board in order to stabalize the power. @Tech Inferno Fan on the other hand has a perfectly stable GTX970 + Akitio + DA-2 implementation that you guys should check out.
  20. Hi! Short answer: No. Longer answer: It appears to be a regular 6pin PCIe splitter so it can't be used with DA-2 (which have reverse polarity to the PCIe interface). You will either need to find a female DA-2 connection (I have not been able to) or change the DA-2 connector to a PCIe 6-pin. @Tech Inferno Fan has done some great work for a power breakout board for the DA-2 that you can check out here (hands down the cleanest solution so far): http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/9426-220w-dell-da-2-ac-adapter-discussion.html#post127735
  21. Beautiful work buddy! This power breakout board must be able to get manufactured somewhere else rather than Bplus. The great thing about this breakout board is that it's made for a 220W 12V DC adapter, which means that it can not only be used for eGPU purposes but now as a regular bench power supply (battery chargers etc etc) w/o modifications. Oh, and look at it, it can even be easily panel mounted too. Again, great job!
  22. I was more thinking the suggested manual linear fan curve e.g: at 30c = 30% fanspeed, 40c = 40% fanspeed and so on. The reason I ask is because I would like to see what if this linear fan speed curve could be enough to keep the GPU below 75c, which would also give a OK noise level (at least for me). Is that score done on an external display or internal? Thanks for your response to my prior post!
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