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Need Help! [2310m + gtx960 + insyde1.4 + mPCIe(1x-16x) riser]


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The GPU works, The PSU works, The system works. [individually they all do work]


The system works perfectly fine without the WLAN card.


When i put the system to sleep and hotswap the mPCIe riser and WLAN press something on the keyboard.. Restarts.

Will shutdown in roughly 27 seconds for those 27 seconds it works just fine like how it normally would on external monitor.


When i shut it down and plug the riser and switch it on, same story. 27 seconds.


I don't even see a error. I get to login screen directly. I used DDU already.


I timed it. no matter what i do if i use the eGPU, External monitor it restarts instead of pause-play. I have 27 seconds.


Need help!

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