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Synopsis - Your stuck on an island. Your immune to the zombies. Help your fellow man (and woman) get out alive. Along the way, do some drugs, drink some beer, make some weapons, jam some music and oh yeah.. kill some zombies.

My System:

Alienware m14x

cpu - i7- 2630qm

gpu - nvidia 555mGT

memory - 4gb

hard drive - 60gb ssd

screen - 1366x768

Windows 7 home

nvidia driver 275.33

Game Install Size (7gb)

Game Settings (maximum in game)

Game performance : @750/900 60-90fps. Avg provided by fraps is 72.

Game performance : stock Avg provided by fraps 58

System Utilization : At 750/900 My GPU temps stayed constant at 72-73c with 99 percent GPU utilization at almost all times. CPU utilization was another story at stock bios settings my temps were 85c max and the game utilized all 8 threads anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent. Most threads were below 45 percent utilization. I need to perform some experiments to see what type of FPS impact it has be running the game with only 4 threads to simulate the I5.

I5 users rejoice! - I set the cpu to 4 threads while playing tihs game and ZERO FPS IMPACT! I have a screenshot of before and after and it was 73 fps before at 8 threads and 73 after at 4. So outstanding news!

Game play :

Graphics : outstanding however most of the island is static and can not be manipulated like crysis or crysis warhead. I would give the graphics a 8 out of 10.

Sound : the sounds and effects really pull you into the game. 8 out of 10.

Controls : sloppy at best. It's not a precise fps shooter for certain and lots of folks are switching to xbox 360 controls as even the best mouse does little to improve the experience. 6 out of 10.

Experience : The game is very fun so far. You can upgrade your character for different types of attacks and create weapons based on plans that you get by completing missions. The zombies are dynamic and pop up when you least expect it so it makes the game fun. Personally this is my type of game. I wish it was more of a military style FPS with zombies (ala Day By Day Armageddon) but I will take what I can get.

Stability : I have not had the game crash on me but we have experienced 2 patch upgrades. I have lost the ability to play offline (Angry about this). Others have had issues with crashing but its hard to identify the root cause as most won't list drivers or system specs. 6 out of 10

Overall 7 outta 10.

Its a fun game, I would buy it again no doubt and I am expecting to have many fun nights stomping zombies.

Best wishes,

Steven Owens

Screenshot Notes - 1st 3 are to show performance.

First one is non oc gpu with 8 threads cpu

Second one is non oc gpu with 4 threads cpu

Third is the oc gpu with 4 threads. The rest are OC GPU...
















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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'm very tempted to get this... though first of all I need to get my GPU running again properly. Can you provide 2-3 screenshots of parts of maps you like?

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Very nice. Ile probably wait a while to get this but these details are pretty crucial to me :)

Also, im not sure about the relevance but the i5 m14x is a duel core with hyper threading apposed to a quad core. i doubt it makes a difference But thanks for checking the performance on the i5 front!

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@Ninja - my guess is that 4 threads will be enough. Whether they are hyper or physical will probably not make a difference. If it were an older game then sure, i would be worried but as this was developed and created in the last 4 years, I think the I5 folks will be fine.

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I got the ripper and sold it.. it's way to loud. Its a public broadcasting announcement to all nearby zombies that your in the area. Im lvl 9 now and using a variety of cool weapons.

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I got extensive flickering on M17x with 5870s. Both CF and Single. The only way it works smoothly (sort of...) is Windowed. Also the blurry turn effect is pretty annoying. :P

Btw, any way to play co-op direct IP to IP?

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Thanks Steven! I'll give it a shot... its not a bad game. :) I just try to avoid Steam as much as I can. :)

The graphics looks so-so (I am running at max details on 1920x1200) and I am not too impressed that the interaction with the environment is pretty limited. For these 20ish minutes I played it it looks interesting... as I said not bad, but just feels too much like a console game. Also I miss character customization. (why do I have to play a chick if I want gun specialization? I'd rather make muscular guy with a scar on his face that looks like a mean fighting machine. ;) )

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Unreal - don't be hatin' on a strong woman of color who wields a gat! LOL... i understand and I did comment a lot (in chat too) about the atmosphere not all being destructible. If they could just add the bfbc2 engine to zombies I would be set!

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Nice, I couldn't decide at first whether to install this game or not. Thanks for the review. I'm gonna install it when I have time and try it for myself. My friends recommended it to me but I'm not a big fan of zombie FPS games

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Honestly this game was hilariously fun when no one could disable their mics and you would hear everyone's reactions etc. At the same time it got annoying after a while and I am glad they fixed that. Good times playing this online with friends and having random people join your game.

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    • By IronPancakes
      Hey guys, first post, but I thought I’d discuss my heatsink fan retrofit in my old M14x r1. 
      Old fan was loud and not very efficient: the air transfer rate was around 2 cfm (I’m assuming cubic feet per minute). Finally had enough and decided to swap out the crappy r1 fan/coughing pinwheel for a r2 fan (rated at 10.4cfm). 
      I found an old r2 heat sink on eBay (beware though that the heat sink for the r2 will NOT fit the gpu/cpu configuration for the r1. HOWEVER, the fan of the r2 heat sink it is attached to is a carbon copy fit into the r1 MoBo. A few philips head screws and a seal of good electric tape and BAM, you’ve got a significantly cooler and MUCH quieter intake fan in your old R1. 
      My CPU temps from before were around 87-88 max load in FSX, 65 for the GPU; bear in mind this is after a repaste. Now with the new fan, I’m not going over 77 degrees on the CPU, and the gpu stays around 58, all while being MUCH quiter. I’ll post pics of the walkthrough if anyone is interested.
       Just thought I’d share with all you fellow loonies trying to squeeze every last frame and degree out of our “portable toaster ovens with a screen and keyboard”. 
    • By Nospheratu
      Spending a large amount of money on a high end system is a big decision. Choosing the right retailer to partner with to make the purchase is crucial especially if you're shopping internationally. There's a lot of trust involved. I can honestly say I trust HIDevolution wholeheartedly. This review is for my second purchase from them and it's been 6 years apart yet their customer service is still second to none.
      When everything goes smoothly it's easy to view a retailer in good light. It's only when things go wrong that the real calibre of a company is revealed and HIDevolution is a shining beacon in this sea of incompetent, unfeeling imposters that promote "good customer service". They treat your order as if it were their own personal purchase. Ted and his team fought Dell's robotic representatives for 3 months after receiving a DOA refurbished Alienware 17 R4. They kept me updated almost on a daily basis throughout this ordeal and managed to push for a brand new system replacement as well as a warranty extension.
      Would I make a purchase from Dell again after experiencing Dell's nonsensical and incompetent customer service? Yes I would, but only if it is through HIDevolution. It's comforting to know that as an HIDevolution customer you could be anywhere in the world and have someone in the US that cares about excellent customer service in your corner.
      Ted, I know I've said this numerous times before but THANK YOU. Thank you for providing international PC enthusiasts with HIDevolution's exceptional services. Your work ethic and communication is a benchmark that every company out there should aspire to.
    • By Sorrora
      Far Cry: Primal is the latest iteration of the Far Cry series, set in year 10,000 BCE. You play as a man named Takkar, a Wenja tribe member. Your tribe has been seperated and split up due to ongoing conflict between two imposing tribal factions, the Udam tribe and the Izila tribe. You instantly jump into action hunting a Wooly Mamoth and Takkar's journey begins. As Takkar, you must navigate through many different types of terrain, all of which are absolutely gorgeous and well detailed. From caves to fairly dense forests and glacial areas, this game is beautifully detailed. 

      Visually speaking, this game is a treat and offers eye candy superior to that found in Far Cry 4.
      So how does it play?
      The gameplay of Far Cry: Primal is extremely satisfying. Coming from a huge fan of first person shooters and tired of the standard M4's and AK's this game provides very smooth and fun bow and arrow ranged combat. What's that? Guy in a wooden guard tower? No problem, lets torch our arrow and catch the whole thing on fire with him in it! It is some of the best ranged combat I've come across, it's fluid, fast, and fun. When enemies come in close though, it gets very interesting. You can perform either a series of fast attacks, slow and powerful, or a combination of them to out perform the enemy AI.
      Another unique thing I noticed was you don't have a crosshair visible when you have a club out, you may ask why, it's because your melee swings don't just target one enemy, but have a full range swing hitting many if you're surrounded. The ability to tame new animals and utilize them in combat scenarios is so much fun as well, nothing beats finding a pet in the world and then sending it to go hunt your enemy down. Throughout the game there's many different animals you can tame ranging from wolves to leopards to big brown bears. A nice little touch of being able to pet your animal was also implemented and makes you feel like there's a larger bond with your little companion. 

        Petting my newly tamed animal
      As for the missions, there's a decent variety of them, most of which you get to go free a tribe member by wiping out a random amount of enemies or you liberate an outpost held by enemy tribes. Whether you want to be stealthy and take them out or be in their face getting personal with melee weapons is up to you.

      We had a slight issue with the current inhabitant of this camp..  

       This is what the village looked like before I was tasked with turning it to ash. 
      There are also animal vision quests which make you play as an animal and set out to do specific tasks per creature. For example your first vision quest leads you to be flying behind a creature which sends you through multiple screens of beautiful terrain and landscape following behind your spirit animal. Every subsequent vision quest will present you with the these same feelings just invoked on different animals. 

                                                                                                                                                                    Mammoth vision quest.
      The vision system you learn about from the very start of the game seems to add a fun unique way of planning your attacks against enemy tribes or helping you locate resources. This enables you as the player to not feel like gathering is a tedious and painful task as it's much easier to notice the crafting materials and it's not nearly as "grind" feeling as some other games which require gathering. This is extremely helpful to you as the player because this game does force you to utilize the crafting system quite frequently to make arrows, upgrades to your tribe, first aid, and so forth. In the video posted at the bottom you can see this in action.
      Caveman MacGyver
      So about this crafting system, lets take a quick peek at it. As you can see from the picture below there's a good deal of things you can craft in Far Cry: Primal. Some of these items are useful, others, not so much. The bow upgrade is a must along with the spear and club. You can also upgrade your pack which is where you store all of your supplies when you're out of your village. The game gives you many different ways you can attack the opposing tribes which is pretty fantastic. Want to use a bee hive as a bomb, done. Throw stones at their face, easy. As you progress through the story you'll notice more and more things becoming unlocked for you as you rescue each of the individual key tribe members, so pay attention as you play through the story to pick the tribe members with the upgrades you want in the right order.

      The crafting/upgrading page.
      Another crafting system you can utilize is the quick crafting menu, this menu is used frequently when you're taking over a very large outpost or you forget you're low on supplies and in the middle of combat. This screen is absolutely clutch for so many reasons. This is the screen you use to craft more arrows, more clubs, spears, extra meat for taming, and adding rocks for your slingshot. Holding Q will bring up this menu which is almost mandatory to be used when you're taking over the extremely large outposts because when you're fighting sometimes your clubs will break, you'll eventually run out of arrows or spears and this page is your savior. The best part about this window though, it doesn't cause a "freeze" in the game, the game is still playing it just simply slows down time so if you're being attacked by enemies bringing this window up won't save your life but it does cause you to be rather quick on your decisions if you're low on supplies.

      The quick crafting menu.
      Within the world of Far Cry: Primal, you also have a very extensive skill tree which is comprised of all the important villagers you have met and brought back to your tribal town. This is the bread and butter of crafting and survival, it will make your life so much easier. There's 8 different members each with skill trees which help different elements of your game. One may help you with making your crafting supplies more efficient, another may help you increase the size of your map and notice more resources on your minimap. Another may help you with your animal abilities and taming. Every aspect of the game has a skill that will help you in your quest of liberating your tribe from the Udam and Izila. 

      The skill tree
      In the video below, I do a quick run from one of my fast travel spots to go take over an outpost run by the Udam tribe so I can get more crafting supplies sent to my main home as well as a fast travel unlock... and maybe because I just love chucking spears and shooting my bow at bad guys. In it, it shows the primal vision, the quick craft menu, a good bit of combat showing the three primary weapons (club, bow, spear), and how to take over an outpost. The AI didn't act like I would have expected but I think I simply eluded their vision quick enough to not get the horde in my face and allowed me to pick them off without being caught out much.
      The final word
      The story is fairly short and the game feels like a reskinned version of FarCry 4 set in 10,000 BCE. I say this simply because the map that was utilized in Far Cry: Primal is almost a direct replica of Far Cry 4, as well as the campfire/fast travel locations. Now I'm not knocking on the previous iteration as I enjoyed that game quite thoroughly, I just think this game could have offered more to the user aside from a pretty visual element tackled with a mediocre story line in the dying age of single player games.
      What I found quite unique was the fact that there is no English, Spanish, French, any modern or common language. The game is spoken in a made up language and that's really unique and something I thoroughly enjoyed. As for re-playability, even after completing the main story, FarCry: Primal offers a lot of side quests and activities to keep you busy. For example, your village is still begging to be upgraded and you can still bring in more of your tribe to create a little mini city.
      Overall I feel this game is quite fun despite some of its shortcomings and if you're looking to grab a copy, then I'd recommend checking out Green Man Gaming.

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    • By daviddoeschl
      Hi all,
      I am new here, so I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section. Also, I realise this question has been asked before, but all of the other threads are really old.
      So, my issue. I flashed the unlocked A08 bios with sata fix and everything worked brilliantly. Then, in my infinite wisdom I turned on UEFI mode in BIOS to see what would happen. What happened is it rebooted with 8 beeps (no screen) everytime I turned on. I looked at the other forums and did the whole usb recovery thing, however, I believed it was taking to long so I turned the computer off after the computer rebooted and beeped 7 times (cpu error). I tried taking out the CMOS to no avail. Now when I try the recovery USB the usb never seems to be loaded (light never comes on). Any ideas?
      Thanks for all the help, and sorry for any mistakes I have no doubt made.
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