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  1. Hey congrats bud! Been a long time since I've been in these parts, nice to see a few familiar names
  2. Ah, the topic of lucid dreaming. one that always taunts me =/ I have never fully lucid dreamed. I've been aware that I am dreaming during the dream, but I just can't make it do what I want. The scenes go by extremely fast and I can't get control over it. Gotta love them sex dreams though xP @unreal25 I once had something really similar happen. I had math homework that I was cramming and I didn't get the last 3 problems. I went to bed, and during the dream I solved them. Again, I didn't have control over it, but it sort of just happened for me. Sort of like having something force fed into your brain (gahhhhh inception). It seems like the only thing that I can control is when I wake up. I sleep on the bus for school and I can wake up at the same place, or if i decide to, a little bit earlier every day. When I sleep during the weekends and I realize I'm dreaming, I can snap myself out and just wake up. It isn't all that useful because it doesn't work for getting up early for school, but it is pretty cool when it works when I'm sleeping on a saturday morning and decide to get something done .
  3. These guys just have so much fun rofl.
  4. lol... for a forum full of computer wiz's and technological masters, you guys are the most gullible forum members i have ever seen rofl. I saw the first page of this thread and thought it as a troll immediately lol. I love april fool's day especially adblocker's cats and Google map's 8-bit quest.
  5. Hey Brian, was there another change to the chat/shoutbox system? There isn't a chat feature at the bottom of my page anymore :( Is chat / shoutbox discontinued?

  6. hahahahahha imagine seeing that outside of a bar!
  7. Dayum. That must have taken forever to set up.
  8. Lol, i think i'll keep away from landing on a wire like that. I'll stick to trampolines.
  9. just read this thread, lol'd. Funny how evgasr2 claims he can clock past 5 but doesn't know how to take a screenshot...seems legit. If you're going to troll, take it to NBR, where intelligent conversation isn't possible.
  10. mmskate13

    Trolls are real

    Thaat thread is now officially my 2nd favorite thread of all time
  11. haha SVL maybe i'll try one just for you. and yeah there is something about cruising around on a longboard that makes you feel so free. When i go down to the beach each year with my friend we take longboards with us (he has a spare that his cousin gave him) and we spend the day surfing / skimboarding / swimming and after dinner just longboarding around or going to the "boardwalk"
  12. Hey Everyone, I saw a thread a few minutes ago about trolls also in the Off-topic section, and I stumbled upon a dashing photo of Stam. It inspired me to make this thread, where we can collectively post pictures of what we do (anything from skiing -cough- svl7 -cough- to skateboarding, to being goofy, to tech stuff, etc. Basically anything you have an interest in and feel like sharing. They do not have to have a ton of meaning to them, and they can even be somewhat abstract. The aim is to just post a few pictures here and there of what we do in our lives , sort of like a melting pot. **BONUS INTERNETZ FOR ADORABLE PETS** I'll get a few up this coming weekend / week off , but for now here are a couple i had on a USB that are pretty old.
  13. mmskate13

    Trolls are real

    i just stumbled onto this page and died of laughter from Stam's pic. nice to see people screwing around hahaa
  14. Dear China, please stop hacking evolution. Sincerely, Everyone who isn't Chinese http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JMsmzvCo8M
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