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  1. I installed Windows 8 on my Sig Laptop a few months back and I am annoyed by a problem I've yet to find a solution to. I am looking to start several .exe programs at start instead of having to manually start each one at startup. Here's what I've already tried: Putting shortcuts in Startup folder in both "secret" appdata folders = Nothing happens. Setting a program to launch at User logon Using Event Scheduler works 30-50% of the time. Someone pls help me make something so basic and essential work on Win 8 (something that always worked flawlessly in previous Windows versions trough Startup folder).
  2. I recommend some ICD7 over a copper shim. Works amazingly well on my system.
  3. Honestly this game was hilariously fun when no one could disable their mics and you would hear everyone's reactions etc. At the same time it got annoying after a while and I am glad they fixed that. Good times playing this online with friends and having random people join your game.
  4. Seriously? I did not ever pay attention to that. Can't really run the game on native resolution anyway... I so need a new Lappy with a 680m
  5. My Skyrim folder is now 26GB in total size (including mods backed up by the Nexus). Can't wait for the Dragonborn expansion!
  6. Yea I'm a Dota player since 2006 and I totally know what you are talking about "mean" Dota players. The first 3 months you play the game will be hell, and even after that you get annoying people who yell at you even if they have no idea how to play themselves. LoL is definitely more casual overall.
  7. This is coming to PC! Amazing! Played this in split screen co-op with my best friend and we had a blast. Best graphics on the ps3 so far imo. Played on max difficulty so we got to hear the "Shelly!!!" and "Jaaaake!" a lot when we died ;p
  8. Game runs on my currently underoclocked 9800m gts pretty decently on low settings... can't wait to get my 680m soon...
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