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  1. How easy is it to just instal a better fan? I understand that when getting up into 90+ degrees a new fan simply won't suffice, but it couldn't hurt to just upgrade that as well?
  2. @Setuptech1 and @daviddoeschl I am in the same boat..I just installed my SSD and am only getting Sata2 speeds. @daviddoeschl you stated that u flashed the bios and everything was brilliant yet? Then you messed it up after. My worry is that if I try this flash my pc will BSOD and have startup issues..it runs fine now just not at Sata3 potential?? Should I use the mod?
  3. There is a decent video tut on Youtube for this as well. Guy replaces the Optical drive and inserts an hdd..keep in mind that the optical drive is not going to get Sata3 speeds!!
  4. I was running Rage and BF4 on my m14x but just did an upgrade to SSD and my Nvidia card wasn't being read upon initial fresh install of windows..Is working now, but getting Sata2 speeds and won't install games until I fix that first.
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