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  1. Yes, the R1 fan has 2 CFM (cubic feet per minute, I'm assuming) while the R2 fan has 10.4 CFM. The R2 fan has smaller blades that don't begin until the outside edge, and are more finely packed together, like a jet turbine. The R1 fan has conventional paddle blades that extend all the way from the center to the outside edge, and there is more space in between blades. Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions. Edit: found a pic of the R2 fan, notice the blades don't begin until the outer lip of the fan https://www.cpumedics.com/dell-xn0g5-cpu-cooling-fan-for-alienware-m14xr2/
  2. Hey my man! Sorry for the super late reply, but no I haven't really done anything else as of yet hardware wise, but its been running great with the software and bios tweaks I made. You should definitely check into replacing that fan. I'm actually about to add some thermal pads and repaste, just for maintenance sake. Good luck! Message me if you need tips
  3. IronPancakes

    SSD for Alienware m14x R1

    I recently dropped in a SanDisk Ultra 3D 500Gb SSD in place of my old 7200rpm hard drive...God what have I been missing?! Speed is incredible. Still running on SATA II unfortunately (A08 BIOS) , but I’m looking to flash to the unlocked version soon in order to get SATA III capability.
  4. IronPancakes

    is 16GB possible in an M14xR1??

    Currently running 12Gbs of 1600mhz on my A08 m14x r1. Haven’t run into a problem at all. It’s lovely.
  5. Hey guys, first post, but I thought I’d discuss my heatsink fan retrofit in my old M14x r1. Old fan was loud and not very efficient: the air transfer rate was around 2 cfm (I’m assuming cubic feet per minute). Finally had enough and decided to swap out the crappy r1 fan/coughing pinwheel for a r2 fan (rated at 10.4cfm). I found an old r2 heat sink on eBay (beware though that the heat sink for the r2 will NOT fit the gpu/cpu configuration for the r1. HOWEVER, the fan of the r2 heat sink it is attached to is a carbon copy fit into the r1 MoBo. A few philips head screws and a seal of good electric tape and BAM, you’ve got a significantly cooler and MUCH quieter intake fan in your old R1. My CPU temps from before were around 87-88 max load in FSX, 65 for the GPU; bear in mind this is after a repaste. Now with the new fan, I’m not going over 77 degrees on the CPU, and the gpu stays around 58, all while being MUCH quiter. I’ll post pics of the walkthrough if anyone is interested. Just thought I’d share with all you fellow loonies trying to squeeze every last frame and degree out of our “portable toaster ovens with a screen and keyboard”.
  6. IronPancakes

    [Mod] Voltage increase Nvidia GT 555M

    I’m worried that my gt555m is on the ropes as is; all the overclocking is really pushing it. And that’s with a fresh repaste and fan mod.
  7. IronPancakes

    M14x R1 - BIOS A08 with SATA fix

    Are there any recent updates on the status of the BIOS download? Any dead links? I’m assuming that flashing from A08 to the modded A08 doesn’t have any setbacks; any one with any recent experience flashing? Just got an SSD and the perfectionist side of me wants SATA III capability.

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