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  1. Im not real big on the power lifting stuff, but I definitely clock in some hours on a lot of body weight exercises, jogging/biking, and sparring with the punching bag.
  2. Im very excited for later this season. This part in the books was soooooo good.
  3. I recently watched most of Samurai Flamenco and liked it, its very cliche, but knows its cliche. And a very overlooked anime that I highly enjoyed was Scrapped princess, it does a very good job of sucking you into the world.
  4. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is top notch if you have a controller, its very much a game about being a badass.
  5. I would say, a good selling point of Alienware laptops is their longevity, I bought my m14x almost 3 years ago, and have averaged at least 4-6 hours of gaming time a day, every day, with both the CPU and GPU overclocked since the first week I got it, And I have yet to see any indication that its starting to give out on me.
  6. Ninjahunter

    Disable IGP

    Yea, disabling the igp will only result in your displays not working, both your laptops screen as well as any hdmi alternatives. Although, if you are just looking to use your Nvidia card instead of your IGP, I believe you can force some 'unsupported' programs to load with the nvidia card via something like Nvidia Inspector.
  7. Everyone loves themselves a bit of Pirate Metal.
  8. Hard reset is pretty good, its kinda like unreal tournament as far as gameplay goes.
  9. Well, Definitely not in raw CPU power, however in a straight up 3Dmark Benchmark sager does offers laptops with the same CPU but with a GPU that offers a little under twice the pushing power of an AW14, and definatelly doubling all previous m14x models. I believe it was the NP8235 (i7-4700MQ, 770m GTX) if you are interested in me reference, most sites seem to offer it at the same price as an AW14.
  10. I feel like the M14x is pretty solid, however it is not very good for its price range, compared to something like a Sager notebook where you can get over double the performance at around the same price point. And the M14x doesn't offer a very strong cooling system or the customization options you would expect in the larger alienwares. Don't get me wrong, After over 2 years of overclocking, dropping, tweaking, tearing apart my m14x isn't showing any signs of slowing down, I do not believe its a particularly good notebook at the price point.
  11. Someone can correct me if im completely out of line on whether this is good or not, but over at xoticpc there's a "Sager NP8235" Rocking one of them newer I7's and a 770m for pretty darn cheap. Might be something to look into. I have no experience with it, the specs are awesome, and since its sager i assume its build quality is pretty good.
  12. I dont have a link, i just remember when researching the a10-5750 a forum somewhere in the nether said some eastern gentlemen got their hands on a couple ES models early and did some benchmarking and had stated that they had stability issues compared to the a10-4600m.
  13. Be warned that the ES models weren't designed for public use and as such do not have all the kinks worked out, they are not as stable as the regular model, and they dont overclock as high as the turbo clock speed, so locking a regular model at the max clock speed would serve you just as well. Of course, I have never heard a single person say that ES models don't do what their supposed to, or are worryingly unstable
  14. I believe that there should be an a10-5750m on the market some time soon, if not already. I believe it was 15% faster that the a10-4600m, and gains a particularly hefty percentage in when you lock it at full speed due to much higher peak clock speed. Its not a free solution but its there.
  15. I have a shoulder bag with a little extra padding I mustered with my non-existent home economics skills. I ride my bike everywhere so it makes a good electronics bag, im not going to say its drop proof as far as laptops go, but i have yet to break anything that i put in it so far XD.
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