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Sager NP9150/Clevo P150EM Nvidia GTX 770M Problem


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Hi all,

I come to this forum to seek advice on how to fix my poor laptop.

As stated in the title, I have a Sager NP9150/Clevo P150EM.

This laptop originally came with an AMD 7970M but it was faulty and I could never get it to work.

So anyways, the replacement GPU that I was given from the person who sold this laptop to me was an Nvidia GTX 770M.

We installed the GPU and that went fairly smoothly; however, the joy was lost when we got into windows.

The system cannot, for lack of better words, "recognize" the gpu as Nvidia?

It shows up in Device Manager as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

In BIOS, it shows VGA: Empty.

It seems like the system knows that something's there, but not what it is.

I've tried the Nvidia drivers from Sager, Clevo, Nvidia themself.

I even tried the first 10 and last 2 drivers from laptopvideo2go to no avail.

I desperately need some advice or suggestions on this.


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That card does not work properly in a P150EM without a bios mod that Prema is working on. Don't ask him about it. He's asked several times per day and is working on it.

To try to get it to work somewhat, you need to do a .inf mod to install a driver. J95 has a thread on how to do this in the Nvidia driver section. His guide is a bit cryptic, but in summary what you need to do is find the clevo .inf file, which is named something like nvci.inf, and change all 4 digit P150SM codes to the P150EM 4 digit code. You can find this code in the device manager, but I believe it is 5105. This will be required anyway even when Prema releases his mod.

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How does that work when the .inf does not have the P150EM subsystem code for 700, 800, and 900 series cards? Are you changing the EM subsystem ID in bios to that of an SM series?

Right, Prema does what Prema has to do..ha ha ha :D

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