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  1. Currently in no hurry due to lack of funds anyway. But that sounds promising. I'll keep my eye on the 970m for the moment then, but also check on Prema's mods for progress at times. Cheers.
  2. First time I've ever used a VBIOS, but I've had no issues with it. Thanks for your hard work. Clevo P170EM with GTX 675MX.
  3. Cheers. And I gather anything 6 or 9 that has an M at the end of it, yeah? I'll have to take a close look at the price and power of them.
  4. I've been wondering lately whether this would be a good idea or not. I'm not quite knowledgeable enough however to determine what the best GPU is compatibile with my machine. Forgive me for not knowing where to look! So I'm asking here. I currently have an Nvidia GTX 675MX. And it's not bad, honestly. But I'm just wondering if there's another I could aim for later this year that'd be a significant upgrade.
  5. I wouldn't particularly recommend buying such a thing from eBay, y'know, just in case. But first off, you'd need to research what other graphics cards would be compatible with that model of computer. Gotta make sure it works! If you find such a thing and look it up by name, you should find information about whether flashing is needed or not. I think your best bet would be to ask those sorts of questions in the MSI section of this very forum. Likely that there are people who already own/have owned what you have that can help you out. MSI Good luck, in any case. I'm looking into all this sort of stuff myself, right now. It can be a bit confusing.
  6. I rather like the idea of this as well. Other than that, I suppose a bigger screen than 17 inches.
  7. Another +1 here for IC Diamond. Glad I chose it when I had the option. Haven't had any issues with it whatsoever.
  8. I have heard good things about Birdman, but I've yet to see it. Soon, perhaps. The last movie I ended up seeing was Kingsmen. That was brilliant! A wonderful mix of old-fashioned spy goodness with a heck of a lot of funnies. I must say that Samuel L Jackson makes a very interesting evil mastermind. (That lisp was awful though, he sounded like Mike Tyson!)
  9. I realised when I re-downloaded all my Wii Guitar Hero DLC the other night that I'd somehow lost all my Flogging Molly tracks from my music library! After a quick trip to iTunes later, I've got me three albums worth. So I'm listening to that. (And singing along rather loudly, sorry neighbourhood!)
  10. Howdy-do, all~ Had heard some good things about this place, so I'm taking a look-see!
  11. Currently, I'm just waiting on Batman: Arkham Knight. Been a great fan of what Rocksteady has done previously and this newest entry looks fantastic. Perhaps a bit too fantastic, hoping I'll be able to run it!
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